Google Maps Street View: Mysterious phenomenon spotted on urban street – what can it be?

Google Maps Street View has photographed a street – believed to be in Europe – that seems far from ordinary.

The eerie image shows a row of houses, many of which have wrought-iron balconies, with multiple cars parked outside.

While this may seem ordinary enough, a strange phenomenon appears to be occurring on the pavement and on the walls.

A bizarre purple substance seems to be staining the stone. It creeps up the exterior of the houses as though invading the properties.

In some places it morphs into a sickly yellow colour and is rather like something out of a horror film.

The unusual staining seems to mainly avoid the doors and windows, but it’s unclear why this is.

No people can be seen in the shot which lends an even more haunted feel to the chilling sight.

However, while the image might seem unnerving at first glance, it’s much or likely that there is a rational explanation behind it.

The unusual effect is most probably due to a technological glitch with Google Maps Street View.

This is far from the first time errors have occurred on the global mapping service making things seem ghostly and unexplained. 

Spectres and illusions are just a few of the weird images spotted. A couple have been seen walking along Rue Saint Jean Baptiste in Quebec during a ghostly sighting

The two people were entirely see-through, with their body and head a ghost-like form. But what really happened to the couple?

The images taken appear to have suffered from a photography error which meant they were not fully captured.

Their bodies could just about be made out, with the woman wearing a thick jacket, jeans and sunglasses as she walked in front of her male companion. He too is an invisible figure and can barely be spotted.

Thankfully they were not ghosts from another dimension and simply captured at a bad moment.

Another two people walking together behind were also caught by the error. 

Although there appeared to be no other pedestrians on the busy high street so the creepy image could have a more sinister story.

It isn’t the first time Google Maps users think they have spotted a ghost sighting.

Spotted in an abandoned house, a Twitter user revealed he found a creepy face in his Grandad’s house while using Google Street View.

In the picture, a terrifying face is at the window looking out with sunken eyes and an open mouth. The reason behind the picture is still unknown.

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