Fortnite timed trials: Week 6 tips for complete timed trials Battle Pass challenge

timed trials is one of the challenges added to the week 6 season 5 Battle Pass for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Macs, iOS and Android.

Complete timed trials is one of the free challenges for Fortnite week 6 and finishing it will reward players with five Battle Stars.

It’s one of the regular difficulty challenges for Fortnite week 6 season 5.

Not much has been known about the Fortnite complete timed trials challenge ahead of it going live.

But fans have been able to take an educated guess at what Fortnite timed trials will involve.

And YouTubers believe that the Fortnite timed trials task for week 6 will involve the ATK karts and the race track in Paradise Palms.

One of those that made this prediction was YouTuber OmniPie as he gave his predictions for how to solve the Fortnite week 6 challenges.

Fortnite complete timed trials

Fortnite complete timed trials – How to solve week 6 Battle Pass challenge (Image: EPIC GAMES)

In a video posted online, he explained: ”When you think of timed trials you think of speed.

“And when you think of speed you think of vehicles. And what vehicles do we have in Fortnite? That’s right – the ATK.

“So I suspect that this challenge is going to have to do a lot with the ATK and the race track.”

Fortnite complete timed trials

Fortnite complete timed trials – Timed trials is one of the week 6 free challenges (Image: EPIC GAMES)

The Fortnite race track is found north of Paradise Palms and the leaked Battle Pass listing says five objectives will need to be hit for this task.

The Fortnite race track by Paradise Palms has five different checkpoints so it seems likely you’ll have to beat a set lap time to complete the challenge.

If you’re struggling better the time you need to beat and are looking to go faster then has a few tips for you.

The key to going faster around the Fortnite race track is drifting.

Fortnite complete timed trials

Fortnite complete timed trials – Fortnite timed trials will reward you with five Battle Stars (Image: EPIC GAMES)

For anyone who has played a Mario Kart game the drifting mechanics in Fortnite work in a very similar way.

Giving a brief guide to how to drift, OmniPie said: “Basically, the direction you’re looking is gonna be the direction you drift in.

“So if you were running towards the right side a little, and hold space which is the drifting key on the [PC or Mac] keyboard then you’re going to drift to the right.

Fortnite complete timed trials

Fortnite complete timed trials – Week 6 task will likely take place at the Paradise Palms race track (Image: EPIC GAMES)

“You can make it drift really fast or slow by going the opposite direction or with the directions.

“So if you’re trying to drift to the right really quickly you will drift and then you hold right.

“If you just want to drift slowly then you would hold left when you’re drifting to the right.”

Fortnite complete timed trials

Fortnite complete timed trials – The ATK kart will likely be used in the challenge (Image: EPIC GAMES)

While in a separate video YouTuber GuidingLight gave his tips on how to get to grips with the drifting mechanics and go as fast as possible.

In the video he explained: “So the first thing you guys need to know about these new go karts is they actually have a boost mode.

“Now this new boost mode is activated by using the powerslide feature and what you need to do is hold down L1 [PlayStation controls] while turning and you will actually gain a powerslide feature.

“Now, while you’re powersliding the longer and the harder that you powerslide you will see that you gain more and more boost.

Fortnite complete timed trials

Fortnite complete timed trials – Check out tips for going as fast as possible (Image: GETTY)

“Now this actually goes through three stages – there’s a first stage which just gives you a blue light.

“Then as you keep powersliding you’ll actually get a yellow light and then finally you can get a red light to give you guys maximum power when boosting.”

Using the speedometer in the desert area GuidingLight figured out that boosting can give players a speed boost of an extra 14mph.

This extra speed boost will be crucial when trying to get to the finish line of the Fortnite race track as quickly as possible.

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