Avengers 4 theory: Will THIS hero SACRIFICE himself?

Avengers: Infinity War has proffered a plethora of fan theories from the ludicrous to the compelling.

With the DVD release in America and the imminent release in the UK, fans have the chance to go back over every minute detail looking for clues.

Spinning a yarn is fairly easy when you’re as well versed in Marvel lore as some fans are.

And where else to find those theories than Reddit.

The hero in question is none other than Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and the basis for the theory is tenuous.

Thor has said he has nothing left to lose, and the desire to defeat Thanos is certainly on the forefront of the Avengers’ minds.

Given these facts, it seems likely that, if worst comes to worst, Thor could sacrifice himself for the greater good.

But what led one Reddit user to really go for the theory was the inclusion of a specific song in the soundtrack.


Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song plays in Infinity War, leading a fan to speculate this means Thor is preparing for his own trip to Norse heaven.

The user wrote: “This must be foreshadowing him going to Valhalla to meet Loki [Tom Hiddleston] (yes he is DEAD DEAD now) and his dad and then returning with Loki.”

Of course, quick to rebuff the theories are those who are there to remind readers Thor is basically indestructible.

Except for his eye, of course.

Another fan noted: “If Valhalla is Heaven and your soul goes to heaven wouldn’t that also make it similar to the Soul World itself?”

Perhaps Thor isn’t going to die but instead somehow travel to the Soul World.

While Infinity War hasn’t given Thor any viable ways of accessing the Soul World aka Valhalla, it isn’t as far fetched of a theory as some.

The Infinity Gauntlet will likely have something to do with it given it was what allowed Thanos to snap half of life out of existence.


Avengers 4 theories are plentiful, so there’s bound to be one you agree with, regardless of whether this one is it.

Loki’s death, which perhaps could contribute to Thor’s melancholia, is also a sore spot for fans.

Avengers 4 filming revealed Loki on set, though the outfits and hairstyles suggest this will be in a flashback scene.

With more than a year to go, there’s still a lot of time for theories to sprout and die before Avengers 4 hits cinemas.

Avengers 4 is in cinemas April 26, 2019.

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