The Walking Dead season 9 spoiler: Daryl Dixon undergoes HUGE change as boss reveals twist

Daryl (played by Norman Reedus) has remained one of The Walking Dead’s most enduring characters ever since his debut in season two of the AMC horror nearly a decade ago.

Constantly thwarting death and walkers at every turn, he quickly became one of leader Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) most trusted allies in the post-apocalyptic universe of the show.

One major reason for this was Daryl’s trusty bow and arrow, along with his motor bike.

But now executive producer Angela has revealed Daryl is getting some serious secondary weapons to protect himself against the undead.

Speaking to AMC recently, Angela revealed: “Since our characters are being more stingy with their bullets this year, we wanted to make sure Daryl had a good secondary weapon for hand-to-hand fighting.

“A crossbow is difficult to reload, so it’s not good for quick combat.”

The writer then went on to say the actor who plays Daryl was actually incredibly involved in the process of designing the new props.

She continued: “Norman helped to custom design a pair of knives that he can use for two-handed combat.

“They’re saw-backed Bowie knives with finger rings that allow you to quickly twirl the knives into different positions.

“You can grip them in either direction,” Angela added.

The producer also shed light on what’s to come for the former Alexandrians in season nine, particularly given the news British star Andrew will be leaving after episode six.

“We’re seeing graffiti in the Sanctuary for the first time since the war: ‘Saviors Save Us.’ After all the misery we saw at the Sanctuary when the Saviors were in charge, this is a surprising message for our people to see in the aftermath of the war.

“‘We Are Still Negan’ is a nod back to the way the Saviors used to call themselves Negan, written in response to the call for help. In working on this story, the writers’ room discussed the appeal of authoritarian governments as a reaction to chaos and war.

“Andrew Lincoln picked up on that immediately when he saw this moment in the script and said, ‘Well, it’s the rise of fascism, isn’t it?’”

Talking about his decision to leave the show, actor Andrew explained his reasons in the middle of San Diego Comic Con.

“I love this show. It means everything to me,” he said. “I love the people who make this show. I’m particularly fond of the people who watch this show.

The star teased the end of his character claiming the story will be “unbelievable”.

”I’m really, really excited about this season,” Andrew insisted. “No one is bigger than the story, and the story this year is unbelievable.”

The Walking Dead season nine will return to AMC and FOX UK in 2019.

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