Type 2 diabetes symptoms: Itchiness around this area of the body can be sign of condition

Type 2 diabetes symptoms aren’t always obvious and can develop slowly, but if the condition is left untreated heart disease and stroke are just a couple of the complications that can occur.

This type of diabetes is commonly diagnosed following routine medical examinations or screening tests for non-related health problems.

But if signs do show, one to be wary of is itching of the skin – particularly around the genitals.

Often the cause of diabetes-related itching is diabetic polyneuropathy or peripheral neuropathy. This occurs when high blood glucose levels damage nerve fibres.

Genital itching can indicate a female or male yeast infection, and this is a sign of type 2 diabetes.

In people with the condition, blood glucose levels can become abnormally high, which then becomes an ideal condition for naturally preset yeast to grow.

There are nine other symptoms of type 2 diabetes to be wary of, according to Diabetes.co.uk, involving eating patterns and toilet habits.

Feeling hungry

Often feeling hungry can be a sign, particularly if you feel hungry shortly after eating.

Urinating habits

Urinating more often than normal can indicate the condition, particularly needing to do so during the night.

Feeling abnormally thirsty

This is known as polydipsia.


People with the condition may experience blurred vision.

Itching of the skin

Particularly itchiness around the genitals.

Cuts or wounds

These tend to heal slower in people with type 2 diabetes.


Having regular yeast infections is a notable sign.

Skin disorders

Having a skin disorder such as psoriasis or acanthosis nigricans.

Weight loss

Sudden weight loss or loss of muscle mass.

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