Google Maps Street View: Little girl captured on hilarious mission

Google Maps Street View has captured someone who, rather than shy away from being captured by the mapping service, actively wants to be involved.

A little girl has been snapped eagerly running after the Google car in a hilarious image from Google Maps.

The child’s blond hair is blowing behind her, suggesting she’s running at quite a fast pace in a bid to catch up with the car.

She’s wearing orange trousers and a blue top and has a red bag tucked under her arm.

Facing directly at the camera, the little girl seems focused on her mission – and her determination is what makes the image so entertaining. Why is she so keen to chase down the car?

Throwing caution to the wind, the child doesn’t even stick to the pavement, which could be dangerous if another car sped along the street.

The road has a row of cars parked on one side, and housing on the other.

However, while at first glance it might seem she is alone, a woman on the right can be seen leaning into a silver car with its door open.

It is presumed the woman and the little girl are together, although the woman doesn’t seem to have noticed the girl’s mad dash for the Google car.

It’s unclear where in the world the photograph was taken by Google Street View.

What’s more, it’s also not known whether the Google car was driving away or towards the girl – or whether she caught up with the vehicle in the end.

The girl is not the only living being to be keen to experience a moment of fame with Google.

A seagull in Brighton decided to photobomb the Google car camera and is highly entertaining. 

The bird dove in front of the camera and was photographed front on, providing a hilarious up-close shot of the seagull – who is even carrying a snack in its mouth.

Behind it, a whole flock of seagulls can be seen flying down the road of the seaside town.

But the seagull who is particularly keen to get a moment of internet fame has an item of food in its mouth.

The tasty morsel is clamped in its beak as it presumably heads to a quiet spot to eat the snack.

The bird is photographed with its wings wide open while its legs are tucked close together.

Hopefully, the seagull managed to enjoy its food after it was done photobombing Google.

The photo was taken back in 2009, and so, unfortunately, can no longer be seen on Google Maps.

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