Elizabeth Hurley’s Diet & Fitness Secrets Revealed — How She Makes 53 Look Like 23

Elizabeth Hurley is in the best shape of her life, and now, we are revealing her diet and fitness secrets that keep her looking so young!

Elizabeth Hurley, 53, has spent the past week on a yacht with longtime friends, including the founders of Valentino, and she looks super sexy in a series of swimsuit snaps she posted. She looks hotter than ever modeling her Elizabeth Hurley Beach swimsuit and accessories line, and now we know how she does it! A source close to Liz told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY, “Liz takes health and fitness really seriously. As the face and body of her own swimwear line, it’s essential that she stays in shape, although as a model, it’s second nature for her anyway. Liz has never been a big fan of junk food so it’s easy for her to eat clean, avoiding all processed foods, and sticking to an organic diet that’s low in carbs and high in veggies and protein.”

The key to her amazing figure is the homegrown food she eats. “Liz grows a lot of her own produce, and what she doesn’t grow herself she likes to purchase from local farmers markets, as she’s big into fresh, locally sourced food. To keep her stomach washboard flat, Liz steers clear of cheese, chips, candy, bread, pasta, and anything fried, and she’s also careful about how much fruit she eats and how many fizzy drinks she consumes, because they can lead to bloating. If Liz is preparing for a big photoshoot, for the three days leading up to it she’ll eat a diet of brown rice, vegetables, fish and steak, and drink nothing but green tea and water.”

Just like the rest of us, she still has cravings from time to time! “Liz has a lot of tricks for staving off hunger pangs, but her main one, that she swears by, is to cook-up a huge pot of vegetable soup that she’ll help herself to a cup of whenever she’s tempted to raid the fridge. Liz also drinks a LOT of water, which is great for the complexion, as well as the digestive system, and she always starts off her day by drinking a large glass of really warm water as soon as she wakes up. As for working out, Liz absolutely hates going to the gym, but she forces herself to go for a brisk 30 minute walk each morning, and she always does at least twenty minutes of sit-ups every day too.”

Liz’s love of fresh veggies also helps her burn some calories! “Most of Liz’s exercise is from her gardening! She’s always out in the garden digging up weeds, or planting seeds, or picking vegetables…there’s always something to do, and it really is the best exercise imaginable!”

Diet and Health – Hollywood Life

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