Spider-Man PS4 Guide: 12 Best Combat Skills To Unlock First

In the beginning of Marvel’s Spider-Man, you’re not armed with many special moves in combat and web-swinging. And when you gain access to the skill tree, there are so many skills to choose from that you might wonder where to even start. Spanning three separate trees (Innovator, Defender, and Webslinger) with 11 skills in each, you’re free to prioritize however you wish. Amidst all of these skills, there are some that we believe to be absolutely worth getting.

To help you be the most effective crime fighter there is, we’ve gathered 12 of the best skills to unlock first. In this feature, we discuss some of the most worthwhile skills and the reason why they’re so useful. Though, if none of these skills suit your fancy, feel free to use our suggestions as a basis to figure out what works best for your playstyle.

It’s worth noting that you can unlock all of the skills by the end of the game. However, with so few skill points to go around early on, you’re going to want to spend wisely.

If all this talk of skills is getting you pumped, you can play Marvel’s Spider-Man on September 7. According to GameSpot reviewer Edmond Tran, the game is “a superior Spider-Man experience that leaves a lasting impression, one that has you longing for just one more swing around New York City, even after the credits roll.” You can read more in our full review. But if you’re looking for more guides, you can also check out our feature detailing all the tips we wish we knew before starting the game.

Which skills do you think are most worth unlocking first? Shout your opinions in the comments below.

Perfect Dodge (Defender)

As one of the first skills you can unlock, you’d be hard-pressed not to nab Perfect Dodge an hour or two after the skill tree is made available. But we cannot understate the importance of this skill, as it clues you in on the moment an attack is about to land. Not only that, but it generates bonus Focus and automatically makes Spider-Man counter with a Web Shot to an enemy’s face. Master this skill and it’ll get you out of trouble more times than you can count.

Quick Zip (Webslinger)

Quick Zip is a must if you’re looking to pick up some serious speed while you’re web-swinging. It basically allows you to Web Zip a second time without losing altitude, which comes in handy during tense chases or the web-swinging challenges you’ll take on throughout the game.

Point Launch Boost (Webslinger)

Point Launch Boost is another brilliant web-swinging skill that helps you continually build up speed and momentum by hitting jump as soon as you make contact with a point. As a souped-up version of the standard Point Launch, it massively increases the distance traveled, further contributing to your general mood of feeling like the king of the world. It’s always a good idea to use if you’re lagging behind in a chase, and when performed in conjunction with Quick Zip, you’ll close the distance in no time.

Wrecking Ball (Innovator)

Brutes can be a handful early on, locking you out of basic punching combos with their guard and overwhelming you with constant pummeling. Aside from throwing objects at them or webbing them and punching them back, there’s not much you can do to physically hurt them. But with Wrecking Ball, these once frustrating foes can be webbed and thrown with ease. It’s just about as functional as a typical Web Throw, but gosh if it’s not just rewarding to finally do away with these meatheads.

Bunker Buster (Webslinger)

Like brutes, shield enemies can be a bit of a hassle. While they’re easy to counter with a well-executed Dodge Under, shield enemies are generally a stressor in combat that can cause you to change your attack strategy by simply existing on the field. If you’re like us and hate changing plans last-minute, then invest in the path to unlock the Bunker Buster Skill. It allows your Swing Kick to knock these well-guarded nuisances on their butts.

Though, let’s be real, the best time to use Bunker Buster is when you’re on a rooftop where you can just knock shield enemies right off the edge. There’s nothing malicious about that, right?

Throw (Defender)

Throw is…well, a throw. Performed by pressing square and then holding triangle, this tactical maneuver tosses your opponent in any direction you please. It’s useful when you want to do some quick crowd control in a fight or throw any annoying brutes or gunmen off a roof. Hmm, we’re starting to notice a theme here…

Payback (Defender)

Those pesky gunmen are the bane of our existence in combat, and it seems the game acknowledges this. You need only look to the appropriately named Payback skill, which lets you to perform an instant takedown on rifle and pistol enemies after a Perfect Dodge. If that sounds like your idea of a good time (we know it does), then invest in this skill ASAP.

Yank And Throw (Innovator)

Piggybacking off that sentiment of gunmen being quite annoying, Yank And Throw is another way to vent out your frustrations. All the skills preceding it are incredibly useful for disarming these enemies, but it’s Yank And Throw that reigns supreme, completely disarming their weapons and hurling it right back them with concussive force.

Ground Strike (Defender)

Ground Strike allows you to smash down on the ground with explosive force–either after an air combo or when you’re high up enough in the air. When a fight starts to get hectic, Ground Strike is a great way to throw enemies off balance, buying you time to retreat or set up a devastating Gadget combo. It also comes in handy when you want to land on a dime in the middle of web-swinging.

Chain Finisher (Defender)

Who doesn’t want to perform two instant K.O.s in a row? Chain Finisher is a powerful skill that lets you to perform a second Finisher on basic enemies regardless of the Focus you have after performing the first one. If you’re able to keep generating Focus consistently, this skill can make short work of large groups. That, and it’s just straight up satisfying.

Air Yank (Webslinger)

Air Yank provides a useful way to initiate an air combo after a jump. It’s also great after performing an air combo, allowing you to yank an additional enemy up to your level for another fruitful beating. You can even use it a few inches out from the edge of a rooftop to grab a foe from the safety of their perch and leave them to fall… Okay, that’s the last time, we swear!

Air Tricks (Webslinger)

Air Tricks isn’t so much useful as it is awesome. Have you ever wanted to feel even more cool while web-swinging? Is that even possible? Yes! Yes, it is! Air Tricks lets you perform aerial tricks to earn extra Focus and XP. While you could realistically use it to grind out XP, know that it doesn’t offer you that much and that it specifically locks you out of leveling up with its earnings alone. Still, doing moonsaults all the way down after jumping off the Empire State Building has a special charm that’s too difficult to pass up, especially if you’re able to launch right back into a web-swing just before you hit the ground!

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