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The CW isn’t a network Netflix subscribers usually have to worry about in regards to content being pulled from the Netflix library. This, unfortunately, isn’t true 100 percent of the time as 90210 is scheduled for removal from the U.S. Netflix library in October.

As What’s On Netflix reminds us, Netflix frequently purges older content from its library. This CW series in particular has been off the air for five years. While fans of the series might argue there isn’t another teen drama anything like 90210, that doesn’t change the fact that there are many other teen dramas to indulge in on Netflix.

Netflix released the first season of 90210 back in 2012. The streaming giant quickly dropped additional seasons of the series until all five seasons were available for streaming. In total, there are 114 episodes of 90210. All five seasons and 114 episodes are scheduled to be removed from Netflix next month on October 8.

Removal dates aren’t always set in stone.

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