Shauna heads to Big Bear Lake.

Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, is enjoying a girls’ trip with two friends. They headed out to Big Bear Lake, which is about 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles. She shared some Instagram stories of the girls singing along to songs in the car, and shared some photos in front of their rustic cabin. The two girls that are with her are Jordan Pethel and Dana Darling, and it looks like they’re all having a good time so far. For some reason, Shauna’s dubbed the weekend the “Boys weekend,” and L.A. hairstylist Skye Lewis asked her, “Is the paps there?” To that, she responded with the following in the comments.

“dude I walked out of the grocery store stuffing my face with hot Cheetos and some dude was taking pictures.. I was so pissed. No one f*cks with boys weekend.”

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