After Avengers 4 Natasha Romanova is set to get her own prequel solo movie.

As it stands the film doesn’t have an official release date although generally it seems 2020 is most likely at this stage.

But what exactly a Black Widow solo movie would be about is unclear, aside from the superhero’s days as a secret agent.

Nevertheless a new rumour has sprouted claiming the story could be set around Y2K.

According to , “a very reliable source” said the plot revolves around the Y2K bug of December 31, 1999 that had a lot of people worried at the time.

In Captain America: The Winter Solider we learnt that Natasha was born in 1984, meaning she would have been just 16 in 1999.

Johansson may be 33, but with the digital de-ageing technology that’s already been used in the MCU, the actress could easily play herself that young.

Allegedly previous rumours surrounding the Black Widow movie claim that the film will be set in two time periods.

Last week Variety revealed that MCU characters like Loki and Scarlet Witch would get the treatment.

Characters from the films who haven’t had a solo movie will have a chance to have a show, spanning around eight episodes, focused on them.

And what’s really exciting is the actors from the films like Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen will continue to portray their superheroes.

Meanwhile characters like Iron Man and Captain America will not feature, since the shows will focus on supporting characters.

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