Kate Middleton, 36, has undertaken a number of royal tours with her husband Prince William, 36.

The pair have travelled to Poland, Canada and India for their biggest trips abroad.

However, during their trip to New Zealand in 2014, with their first child Prince George, now five, Kate Middleton broke royal protocol.

The older generation of royals often dictates that hugs should not be given by the Royal Family.

However, upon meeting a young maori girl, the Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t resist giving her a cuddle.

Five-year-old Matawhio Matahaere-Veint met Kate at the airport after landing at Dunedin before leaning in for the hug.

Royal protocol, although not official rules, warn that a head nod or a curtsy is how the royals should be greeted.

Historian Kate Williams told the BBC that the prohibited hugging of a royal most likely dates back to the Middles Ages when royalty were seen to be divinely appointed and “treated like gods”.

However, many of the younger royals are breaking the mould when it comes to etiquette.

Meghan Markle has repeatedly hugged many people she met, both adults and children.

Prince William and Prince Harry are also not afraid to be tactile with fans that they meet.

The former recently hugged one of the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.

He also was caught hugging Chewbacca when on the Star Wars film set.

However, it was their mother who was known for breaking the barriers of formality.

Princess Diana often hugged the people she met while on official work tours.

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She famously shook hands with a patient in London suffering from HIV without gloves, something unheard of in the 1980s when it was thought to be transmitted through touch.

Many famous people have also hugged the Queen, most famously Michelle Obama when she was First Lady of America.

Royal protocol is becoming much laxer as the younger generation take over.

For example, Meghan has worn a series of black outfits, something the older royals only do if in mourning.

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