Police in Slovakia have arrested multiple suspects in the slayings of an investigative journalist and his fiancée, officials said Thursday, the latest development in a case that brought down the Slovak government.

Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said on Facebook that he was happy to receive news “that police arrested the suspects in the murder of two innocent young people.”

Pellegrini said the investigation is “a priority” for his government.

Daniel Lipsic, a lawyer representing the families of Jan Kuciak and Martina Kusnirova, said the arrests were made early Thursday.

Police confirmed that raids were taking place and arrests had been made, but did not mention the Kuciak case.

On March 2, the day of the funerals of Kuciak and his fiancée, what is believed to be the largest crowd since the fall of communism marched through the streets of Bratislava as people demanded a new government. (Vladimir Simicek/AFP/Getty Images)

Kuciak and Kusnirova were shot dead in their home on Feb. 21. Slovak authorities said they believed it was a contract killing linked to Kuciak’s work — he investigated possible widespread government corruption and ties between politicians and Italian mobsters.

The killings triggered a political crisis that resulted in major protests, the dismissal of the national police chief and the government’s collapse.

CBC | World News

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