The Chase viewers tuned in to see contestant James MacGregor, 34, win £8,000 in a show earlier this week. 

However, it has been revealed the Housing Officer lied to show host Bradley Walsh, 58, about how he was going to spend his money. 

The episode, which was filmed last October, showed James say he would use the money to go on holiday or get another dog. 

But, in a conversation with the Liverpool Echo, he confessed to using the prize money in another way after being forced to lie live on TV. 

“I bought an engagement ring for my girlfriend – we got engaged in December last year,” he explained.

“I bought that and I said on the show, when they ask you what are you going to spend it on, I said a holiday because I didn’t want to give it away,” he understandably confessed. 

“We did get another one,” James added when asked about whether his dog lie.

James, who is the vice chairman of the Liverpool Quiz League, had to keep the engagement a secret from filming crew for two months before popping the question on Christmas Day. 

It comes after he impressed The Chaser, Mark Labbett, viewers and his teammates throughout the entire show with his incredible general knowledge. 

Earning £11,000 in the first round, the Cash Builder, James stunned Bradley by how quickly he was able to answer the questions. 

Contestants are lucky to raise more than £5,000 on the show and the host exclaimed: “That doesn’t happen!”

Three contestants managed to make it through to the final round and James managed to get 22 correct answers. 

And it turned out, 22 was enough to beat Mark, who only managed to get 16 answers correct and was pushed back five times. 

“These are the games I live for,” Mark revealed, who seemed genuinely pleased by the challenge. 

Yesterday, The Chase viewers saw Bradley question the decision of one contestant after they played it safe and stuck with £7,000 instead of the £27,000 on offer by Jenny “the Vixen” Ryan. 

“I honestly think we’ve missed our window of opportunity for going high and really putting some money in the bank,” the host sighed. 

Fans then saw contestant Graham outrun Jenny by several points and it was obvious Bradley thought his teammates should’ve encouraged him to go for the larger sum. 

“Look at that! Look where we are, what did I say?” he argued. “Our window has gone! You’re useless.”

Nevertheless, the Vixen clawed back a victory, despite several push-backs and the team went home with nothing. 

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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