Grandad ordered to tear down fake speed camera – as it might ’distract drivers’

A grandfather has been ordered by council chiefs to remove a fake speed camera from outside of his house.

Mike Lacey, 72, has been requested to teardown the dummy camera made from drainpipes.

The reason the council has asked him to take the camera, which is located close to his house, is due to the fact he does not have planning permission for it.

In addition to this, Highways England has also stated it could be distracting to other drivers.

Mr Lacey has however refused to do this as he states that speeding is out of control on the roads near his home.

The grandfather has bought a radar gun to track how fast motorists are travelling and recently clocked on motorists speeding 90mph on a 50mph road.

Mike said to The Sun: “I will take it down as soon as I get some form of speed control reinstated on the A1.


“Until that time they can forget, I told them they are going to have to prosecute me.

“The camera is totally contained within the boundary property, it is not hanging over the highway or nothing.”

He added: “I can tell you for a fact my camera is absolutely effective, the people who know it is there do actually cut their speed.

“Until this year there was a speed camera in the village on the northbound carriageway and it is so old.

“It broke down and they couldn’t get it repaired so in their ultimate wisdom they decided to take it out of commission.

“But not only did they take it out commission they covered it up as well.

“If they left it alone it would have still been a speeding deterrent.”

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A spokesman for Highways England said: “The speed camera on the northbound A1 is not in operation at the moment, so has been covered over.”

He added: “While we acknowledge Mr Lacey’s commitment to safety and his ingenuity, we cannot support the use of dummy cameras like this and have raised the issue with the council.”

Experts have, however, argued that Mike’s actions reflect failings by road authorities in Britain.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “This sounds like a heartfelt cry for help.

“If people are prepared to go to these extraordinary lengths it suggests there is a problem that needs fixing.

“The camera debate often hinges on whether the devices are more about raising money than saving lives.

“But this is a reminder that for road-side residents the risk posed by speeding traffic feels very real and warrants more than the occasional police patrol.”

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