Supermarket forecourts are slashing the price of fuel across Britain.

Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have cut the cost of petrol by 2p which experts believe could spark a price war.

The price reduction will come into place tomorrow on Friday 28th September.

Asda has said its petrol price cap will fall to 126.7p per litre but the cap will remain at 130.7p per litre.

This news will come as welcome relief to motorists after of increases at the pumps.

Prices for petrol and have been at their highest rate since July 2014, over the past couple of weeks.

Average petrol prices in the UK are currently standing around 131.2p per litre and diesel is closers to 134.4p per litre.

Yesterday the RAC warned that the average cost for filling up a tank of

RAC fuel spokesman, Simon Williams, said: “Drivers will be relieved to see a major supermarket cut the price of petrol after weeks of rising prices.

“The wholesale price of petrol has been falling since the start of September so it’s right that retailers pass on the saving to motorists at the pumps even if it is a little late.

“But while this is clearly good news there is a black cloud looming over UK forecourts as yesterday a barrel of oil hit $ 82 – a price not seen since November 2014.

“On top of this it is being predicted oil could rise towards $ 90 which without a strengthening of the pound could spell much higher prices at the pumps.”

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