A ‘Dark Bomber’ skin was found in the v5.41 game files 10 days ago, a skin which only had one texture in the file and was under the file name “F_MED_Commando_Dark_Bomber”. It now looks like when the skin is finished and available to purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop, there’ll be a Pickaxe available to purchase with it.

Fortnite Dark Bomber Skin Pickaxe


Thanks to Fortnitee_Leaks on Twitter, we can see two Dark Bomber Pickaxe files “T_Pickaxe_Dark_Bomber_e.uasset”, and “T_Pickaxe_Dark_Bomber_HornMark.uasset”. Dark Bomb Pickaxe textureDark Bomber skin pickaxe 2

The pickaxe hasn’t been completed yet, so it’s unlikely we’ll see the skin and pickaxe in the item shop within the next two weeks.


News – Fortnite Insider

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