Drive thru rules that can land YOU a bill of up to £1,000

Motorists can land themselves with a bill exceeding £500 and a fine of up to £1,000 while using a drive thru.

Firstly, motorists could fall foul of a phone driving law when paying for a meal.

Drivers could be stung by a maximum to pay for their meals at a drive thru.

In Britain, a driver caught using their smartphone while behind the wheel of the car could land a .

However, this can rise to £1,000 if the case goes to caught.

Contactless payment methods using smartphones have become more popular with the integration of Pay and Pay.

Under the phone driving laws, British motorists are not allowed to use or even touch their phone while behind the wheel of their car.


Another way drivers can be stung at a drive thru is by damaging their car in a low-impact crash.

Going through the drive-thru could cost motorists over £500.

New research suggests that one in three motorists have while using a drive-thru.

It states that on average it costs motorists between £536 and £700 to repair a bumper.

Accidents are occurring at a number of different drive-thru establishments at the UK but the highest volume is happening at McDonald’s.

Daily Express :: Cars Feed

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