Ryan (played by Ryan Prescott) was arrested in tonight’s second visit to moments before he planned to flee Weatherfield.

Arriving at mum Michelle Connor’s (Kym Marsh) flat, Ali (James Burrows) was told by Ryan to pack a bag as he was losing hope of walking away scot free from the drug drama which caused the death his friend Cormac Truman (Joe Mallalieu) on the soap.

However, Ali was very reluctant to let Ryan run away from his troubles as he believed Ryan had brought it upon himself.

With his anger towards Ryan clear, could this mean Ali becomes an ‘ally’ to Cormac’s drug dealing father Ronan (Alan McKenna) who will want revenge?

With Ali and Ryan exchanging cross words, the police arrived to inform Ryan his friend Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) had retracted her statement about being with him when Cormac was fighting for his life.

Wanting him to go to the station for informal questioning, Ryan was led off in handcuffs when the police detective discovered a bag of drugs in Ryan’s jacket pocket.

Anxious about her son’s future, Michelle was comforted by her fiancé Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) who said: “It’s just a few pills, it’s not enough to hold him.”

However, Ali hit back harshly, highlighting the severity of the situation by telling his mum: “No, but one dead bloke is though.”

As Ali continued to listen to the pair defend Ryan, he couldn’t hold back in letting Michelle know what he really thought about Ryan.

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After she blamed Sophie for the arrest, Ali told his mum: “No, he’s landed himself in it.”

The Weatherfield doctor raged as he continued: “It’s never his fault is it, it’s always someone else’s fault, I mean when are you going to realise how much of a loser Ryan is?”

As Michelle and Robert continued to worry for Ryan , Ali was clearly filled with anger, but could this transpire to him getting rid of Ryan by any means?

Ali and Ryan haven’t seen eye-to-eye ever since they discovered they were swapped at birth, with Ali holding a grudge against Ryan for living his life.

However in recent weeks, the ‘brothers’ have been getting along and it did seem the Connor family were united.

With a deadly car crash planned for next week, could Ali play a part in letting Ronan know Ryan is trying to escape Weatherfield leading to the terrifying car chase?

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