Today’s ITV Good Morning Britain was hosted by Ben Shephard, 43 and Kate Garraway, 51, and viewers tuned in to a controversial topic being discussed. 

The hosts presented the argument, whether cake baking shows, like Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off should be banned from appearing on television. 

It came after Steve Miller appeared on the show as a guest, arguing the iconic cake baking competition encourages obesity by the amount of sugar the recipes involve. 

And those watching out home were infuriated by the suggestion of scrapping the popular show. 

Taking to Twitter to express their views on the matter, one said: “As if there is some guy on @GMB saying that bake off should be banned? If people have no self control, that’s their own fault, not a baking show! #GBBO.” 

“I see GBBO and extreme cake bakers etc as art more than anything. They create such beautiful things and really don’t think it’s glorifying sugary food at all,” another remarked. 

A third added: “@GMB never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. There’s no way they are going to ban #GBBO.” 

“@GMB If they ban bake off then they should be banning @MasterChefUK etc as #GBBO also make pies, breads not just tweet items. Taking it too far,” one viewer wrote.

And Good Morning Britain created a poll, shared on their social media, which asked the question: “Is it time to ban Bake Off?” 

A staggering 78 percent of voters said no. 

Viewers saw Steve argue there is “nothing wrong with a little bit of indulgence [but] the problem is we have a massive obesity epidemic” in the country. 

“When you watch Bake Off and I know it’s feel good factor, you see it and automatically it triggers the senses. 

“What happens is, you end up running to the fridge and you want to get the cake out and eat it.” 

He then drastically changed his argument and instead suggested a warning should be shown before each episode. 

“What I would like to see is a warning on the programme. Even if it’s ‘if you’re fat, think before you slice!’” He stated. 

Appearing alongside him, was last year’s GBBO runner-up, Kate Lyon, who recently spoke exclusively to about her time on the show

She argued how shows like Great British Bake Off don’t hide the large quantity of ingredients needed to make the food.

“It says how much sugar is in there, you see the recipes being followed. 

“They aren’t advocating this type of food, they’re not hiding it. They are special occasion cakes.” 

She also noted how GBBO is an “entertainment show” where viewers can “learn a lot from it, like baking bread”. 

Kate Garraway also joined the conversation and added another dimension to the discussion. 

She said: “The argument is about our intake of sugar and obesity, it is almost as dangerous as alcohol or smoking. 

“[Whilst Great British Bake Off] is such fun, it’s glamorising it.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV and Great British Bake Off returns Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4

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