Huge ‘UFO’ spotted above hotel in lightning storm

An eagle-eyed truth seeker took these amazing pics in the resort town of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

They were amazed to see mysterious lights hovering above a hotel in a line as they took pictures from a pier on Friday night.

The photographer, who posted their findings to UFO Spotter, wrote: “Taking pictures and timelapse of the incoming storm.

“I was taking the pictures off the edge of a long pier after dark, so there were no reflective surfaces around.”

“There were no reflective surfaces around”

UFO spotter

They added: “I did not notice the objects until I returned home and checked the photograph and video.”


This weekend it was reported a mysterious object washed up on a beach in America  and was quickly taken away by the authorities.

The huge round body was found on a beach on Seabrook Island, South Dakota, and featured in a Facebook post by Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network (LMMN).

It said: “Look at this mysterious object that washed ashore in Seabrook Island today! What do you think it is?”


UFO STALKER SPOTS: The mysterious lights were seen above a hotel during a storm (Pic: UFO STALKER)


MYSTERY: The astonishing footage was taken in South Carolina in the US (Pic: UFO SPOTTER)

The post was inundated with theories about its origin.

Jennifer Passantino posted: “I saw it this morning on my walk.

“I assume it was a buoy, but could also be the remains of an alien spaceship.”

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