Warcraft 3’s Mal’Ganis the dreadlord could be Heroes of the Storm’s next character

After a few days of tweeting cryptic gifs, the Heroes of the Storm Twitter account has put out an image of a full-on Warcraft Nathrezim Dreadlord. Yesterday, it tweeted a gif a lot like some people getting destroyed by the dreadlord ability Carrion Swarm, and today, voila: a full body shot of a bat-winged corruption demon. It’s about time for the game to get a new character, so we’re expecting that this big demon is it, and it seems like the demon may well be Mal’Ganis. An exciting prospect if you’ve played Warcraft 3, since Mal’Ganis is so pivotal to that game’s plot.

Why Mal’Ganis? Well, he’s the green one in Warcraft 3, and the dreadlord Blizzard has posted is in green armor. Beyond the obvious color association, Mal’Ganis is one of the most famous dreadlords, since he’s responsible for the corruption of young prince Arthas throughout the Warcraft 3 story campaign, a tragedy that ends with Arthas becoming the Lich King. Finally, Mal’Ganis utters a line a lot like the one that the Heroes of the Storm Twitter account put out alongside Sunday’s tweet:

If not Mal’Ganis, maybe Tichondrius? Varimathras? Balnazzar? I don’t know, there are a lot of these guys. 

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