Fortnite news: Halloween skins LEAK, Skull Trooper change, Season 6 update

Epic Games look to be gearing up for a big Halloween season, with costumes popping up around the map.

The first Halloween skins have also popped up in the item shop and appear to be the first of many designs being launched in the coming weeks.

A new leak from data miners suggests that Epic Games has plenty of new content ready for the end of October.

The new Fortnite designs were reportedly discovered using a new technique to see what is coming next to the item shop.

Seven skins have been found that have some connection to the spooky season, all of which can be found below:

  • Scourge (Female) – cid_240_athena_commando_f_plague
  • Plague (Male) – cid_241_athena_commando_m_plague
  • Bullseye (Female) – cid_242_athena_commando_f_bullseye
  • Hollowhead (Male) – cid_243_athena_commando_m_pumpkinslice
  • Squashman (Male) – cid_244_athena_commando_m_pumpkinsuit
  • Onesie (Female) – cid_245_athena_commando_f_durrburgerpjs
  • Skull Ranger (Female) – cid_246_athena_commando_f_grave

There’s also new emotes and pickaxes, some of which will be attached to an older skin a lot of players want to add to their collection.

It seems that the Skull Trooper skin will also be returning to the item shop, alongside the Skull Ranger.


Both have reportedly been found by data miners and will likely be released with other Halloween cosmetics.

As these remain leaks and have not been confirmed by Epic Games, it’s still worth taking them with a pinch of salt.

However, it does seem very likely that Epic Games are doing their best to make this year’s Halloween event a memorable one.

Not only can they run wild with the designs they release but they also have new competition arriving later this month.

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So keeping things fresh for their fanbase is probably the best way to go for the coming months.

Speaking of keeping things fresh, some players are using a devious new tactic to help them get the drop on other players.

As mentioned above, the first Halloween skins have been released by Epic Games via the item shop.

These include the Hay Man and Straw Ops designs, both of which are Scarecrows.

And players have been posting new footage of themselves surprising players by pretending to be a prop.

Epic Games have been slowly releasing new Halloween decorations, while Scarecrows have been found around the map.

The secret to success is using the new skins with the T-Pose emote, which mimics a hanging Scarecrow.

By combining these two things, some players have struck gold and managed to trick their fellow Battle Royale players.

It’s both sneaky and satisfying and is only available to those players who have bought the Scarecrow skins and T-Pose emote.

They are both still available in the shop but will eventually be replaced by new stuff in the item rotation.

Players interested in the new Halloween designs can also purchase the Field Wraith glider for 1,200 V-Bucks, and the Scythe Harvester tool for 800 V-Bucks.

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