The huge round body was found on a beach on Seabrook Island, South Dakota, and featured in a Facebook post by Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network (LMMN)

It said: “Look at this mysterious object that washed ashore in Seabrook Island today! What do you think it is?”

The post was inundated with theories about what it is.

Jennifer Passantino posted: “I saw it this morning on my walk.

“I assume it was a buoy, but could also be the remains of an alien spaceship.”

“(It) could also be the remains of an alien spaceship”


Many said it looked like part of a space capsule or satellite debris, and some speculated it could be a rocket nozzle from the space shuttle Challenger that blew up about 30 years ago.

Many social media users said it looks like a piece of a mooring buoy or a dredge pipe float used in the removal of sediments and debris from the bottom of lakes and rivers.

One commenter said the object appears to be made of concrete, but the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network said it is “foam-like” and “easily floated in”.

The mystery was whisked away by town leaders, according to LMMN.

buoyGETTYFLOAT: Some Facebook users said it appears to be a buoy (Pic: GETTY)
ufoLMMN This bizarre object was washed up on a South Dakota beach (Pic: LMMN)
This week a British skywatcher claimed he spotted a UFO flying past the moon – and now conspiracy theorists claim it could be a secret NASA cover-up.Video footage shows the moment Jason Callum aimed his telescope at the lunar surface to get a better look at the craters.But what he ended up uncovering left him stunned.The clip, captured from Bracknell, Berkshire, shows a small black object making its way across the screen, zooming from right to left.

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