Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, grandson to Queen Elizabeth II, on 19 May this year.

The Duchess of Sussex has enjoyed numerous trips away and has shared her savvy tricks with her fans.

Meghan has revealed her travel advice on her now-defunct lifestyle blog the Tig.

One top tip is particularly useful if travellers away for a while and haven’t managed to do any laundry.

The former actress recommends keeping dryer sheets to hand when packing for holidays.

She advises layering the sheets in between all clothes when assembling a suitcase.

“Your clothes will smell fresh when you arrive — and especially when you return home!” she wrote on The Tig.

Meghan’s travel advice doesn’t stop there, however. One of the royal’s top travel pointers on the site encouraged holidaymakers to get the most out of their trips abroad.

The best way to enjoy a holiday to the full, she said, is to immerse yourself in the local culture.

She wrote on the site, which closed in 2017: “Find a great cooking class with a local chef, or an art or dance class.”

By joining classes on holiday travellers can live life the way the local people do and get a true feel for the country.

Putting yourself out of your comfort zone you could dramatically improve an otherwise ordinary holiday.

As well as a good way to perhaps hear more of the local language, it could be a great way to make friends.

Another tip on The Tig is how to make sure you look your best when you get off the place.

“Pack your favourite multiuse stick and face spritz for a quick touch up on cheeks, lips, face when you land,” Meghan advised.

Meghan is currently preparing for a 16 day trip to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands of Fiji and Tonga with Prince Harry – the couple’s first ever royal tour together.

A royal insider has now revealed the extent to which Meghan will be preparing for the important journey.

“The Duchess of Sussex will have a team of Royal aids within the palace that are there to assist her in every way to prepare for her formal engagements,” etiquette expert Myka Meier, a former member of the Queen’s Household, told Cosmopolitan.

Meghan will have to learn how to greet and address the senior people she will be meeting on the trip.

She’ll be briefed ahead of each event during the tour on who she will be meeting.

The team will help her with the important topics she should speak about and how to show respect.

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