UFO sighting: Triangular orb over Mexico City ‘absolute proof’ of alien activity

The triangular UFO was spotted on live webcams, above the capital of Mexico City.

In the video, the strange spacecraft can be seen clearly darting across the sky.

A lag in the video makes it look as if it is jumping between space, but the original poster claims that it was in fact moving smoothly across the sky.

The video was first uploaded to YouTube by Australian UFO hunter ColourUFO but was quickly picked up by prominent alien researcher Scott C Waring.

Mr Waring wrote on his website UFO Sightings Daily: “ColourUFO caught an amazing Pyramid UFO that is semi cloaked moving through the clouds.

“I have heard of pyramid clouds, but very few legit reports come in like this one.

“As you see the cam takes a photo every few seconds so there is a jump in-between, but the UFO is seen in many still shots.


“Absolute proof that aliens are active in Mexico.”

Mexico is a hotspot for UFO sightings.

Earlier this year, a video showing a smoking crater next to a motorway lead to speculation it could be a UFO crash site.

The huge 26 feet across burning pit was filmed by shocked onlookers as a thick mist rose into the air by the Torreón to Saltillo highway in the state of Coahuila in north east Mexico.

It was said to be as deep as it was wide and, according to reports, no evidence has been found as to what caused it.

Online theories have ranged from a crashed spaceship or a meteor falling to Earth.

One YouTube poster said: “Looks like a UFO landed and took off before anyone could see, leaving a crater.”

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