Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL live launch – Release date, specs, UK price REVEALED

Google Pixel 3 release4.50PM UPDATE: It’s finally Pixel time with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL both revealed.

Google is keen to point out that both devices are the same inside with the only difference coming in the form of the larger edge-to-edge display on the XL.These premium devices will feature an impressive OLED screen, 5.5-inch and a 6.3-inch respectively, as well as two front-facing speakers, wireless charging, and unlimited cloud storage for pictures and videos.

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL come in three colours including Just Black, Clearly White and Not Pink.

There’s no word on the processor but Google is making big noises about the camera upgrade on the 3 and 3XL.

There’s a swathe of new features including better zoom functions.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will include the option to take wide-angle Group Selfies as well as a Portrait Mode with a 12.28 MP front camera, featuring a super wide-angle lens.

Google Lens is also built in which allows customers to immediately search and identify 1,000s of landmarks and whatever else catches their eye.


An update to the speakers on the Pixel 3 also means they are 40 percent louder than before and if the phone’s sounds are annoying you can now simply flip to hush the phone.

A new accesory has also been revealed called the Pixel Stand.

Pixel Stand changes the phone, turning it into a mini hub with useful data and even photos shown on the screen.

The Pixel 3 starts from $799 – here’s UK pricing Pixel 3 £739 – Pixel 3 XL £869.

Google Pixel 3 release

Google Pixel 3 release (Image: GOOGLE)

4:40PM UPDATE Next up it’s the Pixel Slate – Google’s answer to the Apple iPad.

Google says this tablet has a stunning 293 ppi display, dual front-facing speakers and comes with a three-month subscription to YouTube TV.

It’s also got 8MP front and rear facing camera which can both add portrait mode-style effects to your images.

Tucked inside the power button is a fingerprint scanner and Google is launching a keyboard accessory which transforms the tablet into a laptop.

This detachable keyboard even includes a trackpad.

Pixel Slate starts from $ 599 with the keyboard costing $ 199.

There’s also a digital stylus pen which costs $ 99.

The Pixel Slate will launch later this year in the UK, US and Canada.

Pixel Slate

Google Pixel Slate (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)4.35PM UPDATE – Google Home Hub can control your house and show data, such as your calendar, weather and your commute on a large screen.

Google says they have created the device to fit seamlessly into any room with it featuring soft rounded corners and covered in fabric.

Unlike Amazon’s products, there’s no camera on the device which Google says should make it feel more private.

The screen also changes automatically depending on the light in the room.

Google is also making a big deal about watching videos on the Google Home Hub with YouTube and other services available on the device.

Google Photos is also integrated into the Hub which makes it the perfect digital photo frame.

The Hub will be available to order from today in the UK. No UK pricing yet but $ 149 in the US so expect something similar in pounds.

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4.16PM UPDATE Here we go…Pixel 3 just been announced along with the Pixel Slate tablet and Google Home Hub – a display that can power the smart gadgets in your house.

We’ve only had a quick glimpse of these devices with Google not revealing more about these products just yet.

Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

4.10PM UPDATE: No news on Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL yet but Google is boasting about the way its AI, Software and Hardware come to together. Google says this is what makes their products so unique.

4.05PM UPDATE: Google has begun their presentation with a short video about all the leaks that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL has suffered over the past few months.

Looks like they have a sense of humour about this problem which has plagued these devices.

4PM: UPDATE: The event is now underway with Google confirming that it will last for around one hour so stay tuned for full updates.

3.50PM UPDATE: Along with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Google is rumoured to be announcing a swathe of other products including a something called the Pixel Home Hub.

This device was leaked via pictures from an official EE brochure and appears to similar to Amazon’s Echo Show.

It features a small screen which can display information on local weather, traffic and even play YouTube videos – hopefully, more on this later.

3.30PM UPDATE: Google will reveal all in a few minutes with today’s event kicking off at 4pm BST.

Express.co.uk is at the launch and will bring full details live as they happen so check back for updates.

Google Pixel 3 release

How the new Google Pixel 3 may look (Image: PH)

ORIGINAL STORY: Google will unveil its Pixel 3 flagship later today with some major upgrades expected to feature on this popular smartphone brand.

Rumours and leaks have plagued this device in recent months but we’ll finally find out all the official upgrades and UK price when Google reveals all at its major keynote in New York.

The US technology firm teased last night there could be plenty of surprises and it could be worth tuning in.

So, if you’re a fan of the Pixel brand here’s all you need to know about today’s launch event.

Google Pixel 3 release

The Pixel 3 and larger Pixel 3 XL could feature a host of upgrades (Image: GOOGLE)


Google is holding a number of events across the globe simultaneously with its main keynote taking place in New York.

London and Paris are also holding events with things kicking off at 4pm BST.

Expect the new Pixels to get their grand unveiling at around 5pm.


Although it’s not been confirmed by Google it’s almost certain that two devices will be shown to the world during the keynote.

Rumours are rife that a Pixel 3 and larger Pixel 3 XL are inbound.

That would make sense as Google has a history of launching two devices at these events.

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Along with the phones there could also be a new charging stand, updated Pixel Bud headphones and a tablet called the Pixel Slate.

This portable Android device could feature a detachable keyboard and digital stylus pen – similar to the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Finally there’s rumours around something called the Google Hub.

This appears to be much like the firm’s smart speakers but with a display included which shows information such as latest travel and weather.

Amazon launched a device last year that displays data on a screen and it seems Google doesn’t want to be left behind.


Expect plenty of updates on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL with faster processors, improved battery and better camera all likely.

If you’re after the biggest upgrade then the XL will probably be the phone to buy with leaked images showing an edge-to-edge screen and iPhone-style notch at the top.

Many had hoped that Google would bring wireless charging to the Pixel 3 but that looks unlikely as most early photos reveal a plastic and metal finish and not a glass design needed for wire-free refilling.

One thing that could return to the Pixel is edge sense technology which allows the device to be controlled via a simple squeeze.

Expect to Google Assistant to also feature heavily on this update.


There’s nothing official yet announced but rumours suggest these phones won’t be cheap.

A user on Reddit recently posted images of the alleged cost of both flagships from an undeclared Canadian outlet.

According to the listing, a regular Pixel 3 with 64GB of storage could cost as much as 1,099.99 Canadian dollars (£649.45/$ 846.22).

Meanwhile, a 128GB variant of the Pixel 3 was said to retail for 1269.99 Canadian dollars (£749.83/$ 977.00).

Most notably the Google Pixel 3 XL was listed as the same 1269.99 Canadian dollar (£749.83/$ 977.00) price for both the 64GB and 128GB variants.

Meanwhile, UK pricing for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL recently appeared to leak through an alleged EE promotional leaflet.

A deal for the Pixel 3 listed the phone as costing £58 a month if customers pay a £10 upfront charge.

Meanwhile, the Google Pixel 3 XL was said to come in at £63 a month for customers if they pay £20 upfront.

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 release date will be confirmed at the keynote tonight (Image: GOOGLE)


It’s thought In an email promotion for the forthcoming showcase, spotted by Droid Life, Google delivered the important news.

An extract from the document read: “We’ll have a lot more to talk about on October 9.

“To get the full scoop, catch the big reveal via livestream.

“Pre-orders start immediately after the event.”

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