Google Maps Street View has captured a photograph of a man and woman on a bench in Peru’s capital of Lima.

The man is lying on the seat with his head on the woman’s lap as she gazes tenderly at him and strokes his hair.

At first glance it might appear a sweet scene but, for one man, this image changed his life forever.

The woman has in fact been photographed with her lover – and the shot was spotted by her husband.

The husband found out about the affair his wife was having after he saw the photo.

He first realised it was her when he observed that the woman in the shot had the exact same clothes his wife did.

She and the man were siting by the city’s Puente de los Suspiros de Barranco (Bridge of Sighs of the Ravine).

The cuckolded husband then put two and two together and realised his wife had been unfaithful.

The man went on to confront his wife about her infidelity following the discovery in 2013, which she admitted to.

The couple, whose names have not been revealed, later divorced as a result of the wife’s affair.

Social media users were intrigued by the photo and its story when it was shared on Facebook.

One Facebook user commented: “What a small world it is… It would have been enough if she said to her husband that she did not love him any more.”

Another more cynical user wrote: “Out of 100 women, 90 per cent are not loyal, the rest are loyal and only have one eye (hahaha) or are immortal (hahaha).”

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This isn’t the first time a photo on Google Maps has led to a story being followed up.

One grisly image shows a young girl lying face down on the road. Her arms lie either side of her body and one of her shoes has fallen off and is next to her foot. 

No one else can be seen on the street in St John’s, a large suburb of Worcester, England.

The image was first spotted in 2010 when residents who saw the photo on Google were horrified to see what had happened to the little girl.

The incident was reported to the police who began to look into the apparent crime scene.

The little girl was revealed to be nine-year-old Azura Beebeejaun – and in fact, she was alive and well.

It transpired that Azura was in the middle of playing a game with her friend when the Google car passed by. She had no idea it was there and was playing dead for her friends after falling over.

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