Fortnite DELETED: Has Fortnite been deleted rumours return but Epic Games isn’t down

Every so often, new Fortnite rumour spring up regarding the game getting deleted for some reason.

Be it through a lawsuit or some other vague issue; Epic Games have been repeatedly linked to shutting down the popular Battle Royale game.

And you can tell when they do return, as the question – Has Fortnite been deleted? Starts to trend on Google.

The good news is that Epic Games are very unlikely to ever shut down Fortnite Battle Royale when so many people are playing it.

The game’s original mode – Save the World – seems a more likely candidate to be shut down.

However, STW has a very dedicated fanbase who remain active and online in sizeable numbers.

So why are fans asking whether Fortnite is being deleted this week?

It all appears to stem from a joke shared by SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, on Twitter.

Musk reposted an image that stated he had bought Fortnite Battle Royale and was going to delete it.

The fact that Elon Musk is a billionaire probably helps with the narrative that he could do something like this on a whim.

The joke started on Twitter after the SpaceX founder retweeted the image referring to him buying the company.

The online mock-up states that Elon Musk bought Fortnite and then deleted it, with the tech billionaire adding: “Had to been done ur welcome.” (SIC)

This set off a wave of comments, one from Epic Games themselves, who retweeted an article on SpaceX’s predictions for a mars base.

Epic Games reposted the article with the caption: “A whole decade, @elonmusk? Just build, LOL!”

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This is in reference to a Fortnite joke, where players ask for advice on the best way to improve their chance while playing.

This led to Musk adding a further comment to the Twitter discussion, tweeting: “Reality is hard.”

So whatever might be being shared online, there doesn’t seem to be any risk of Fortnite being deleted anytime soon.

It was only this month confirmed that Fortnite on Mobile had reached new heights of revenue for Epic Games.

A new report from data firm Sensor Tower claims that the iOS version of Fortnite Battle Royale has grossed a total of $ 300 million worldwide.

A large amount of that comes from the United States and is just one platform the game is currently available on.

When you add in the fact it’s also only been available for seven months, it makes the new stats pretty impressive.

Here’s more from Sensor Tower, who report: “Fortnite has grossed about 32 percent more than Supercell’s hit Clash Royale had at this point following its launch in March 2016, and more than twice as much as Tencent’s smash MOBA Honor of Kings managed on China’s App Store in the same amount of time post-release.

“To put the time needed for Fortnite to hit $ 300 million into perspective, Clash Royale took 249 days—almost two months longer—to gross as much on iOS outside China.

“Honor of Kings didn’t achieve the same total on China’s App Store until 316 days after it launched, or more than three months longer than Fortnite. Fortnite’s most direct rival, Tencent’s PUBG Mobile, has reached about $ 47 million on Apple’s platform since it began offering in-app purchases on April 15—173 days ago.

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“As for the fastest game to hit $ 300 million on iOS, that was Niantic’s mega-hit Pokémon GO, which achieved this feat in just 113 days.”

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