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Fortnite's Halloween event is live, glider redeployment added

Fortnite’s Halloween event—the aptly named Fortnitemares—rolls out today, as part of its update v6.20. Likewise, new Playground items have been added, the new Six Shooter pistol fires into action, and glider redeployment enters all game modes. 

Teased above, Fortnitemares sees The Cube spawning Cube Monsters. Large Cube Fragments are now scattered in corrupted areas of the map. Small Cube Fragments generate randomly during matches. And Cube Fiends, Brutes and Fragments can all drop loot. 

The Fiend Hunter Crossbow is a limited-time weapon specific to the LTM, and is of Epic variety. With 1.8 shots per second, it deals 40 base damage, harnesses seven arrows in its magazine, and deals quadruple damage against Fiends. The Six Shooter, on the other hand, is available in all Battle Royale matches; is of Uncommon, Rare and Epic variants; deal 34, 36 and 38 respective base damage; and houses medium ammo. It looks like this:

Glider redeployment, as detailed by James here, lets players flutter around the island Breath of the Wild-style. “The Glider Redeploy functionality that’s available in the Soaring Limited Time Modes can now be used in all game modes,” explains Epic. “Help us test this feature and let us know what you think.”


Save the World welcomes Fortnitemares this week, too—based around a questline named ‘Vlad Moon Rising’. Moreover, a host of Fortnitemares Heroes from the past can be found in the Fortnitemare Llama, including: Marine Corpse Ramirez, Skull Trooper Jonesy, Hazard the 13th, Catstructor Penny, Shuriken Master Llamurai, Sarah Hotep and Ranger Beetlejess. 

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Patch notes for Fortnite’s update v6.20 can be read in full over here

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