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Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise REVIEW: Spilling wheel exploding fists of fun

Out now on exclusively on PlayStation 4, Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise is the best video game adaptation of the cult manga series since Arc System’s 2D brawler appeared in the arcades.

It’s certainly better than the mediocre Ken’s Rage series from the PS3 and Xbox 360, which despite its charms, was just a bit on the bland side.

There’s an element of this in Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise, which features the same rough edges that seem to plague all 3D brawlers.

It’s not the most visually impressive game to grace the PS4, especially when you get behind the wheel and venture out into the wastelands – which are as plain and ugly as their name suggests.

The textures are dated, driving is sluggish and animations are stiffer than a corpse with a belly full of BlueChew.

But none of that will matter if you’re a Fist of the North Star fan, because Lost Paradise is a fantastic game that’s silly in all of the right ways.

Staying true to the source material, Lost Paradise is a cartoonishly violent and over-the-top game that’s quite literally fit to burst with blood, guts and exploding body parts.


Though lacking the depth of something like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, the combat system is simple, accessible and consistently entertaining.

Seeing your opponents explode in a shower of blood and gore never gets old, especially when you unleash one of the many devastating and suitably extravagant finishing moves.

The combination of outrageous special abilities, generous unlockables and unique boss battles ensures Lost Paradise (mostly) sidesteps any feelings of repetition.

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Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise is further bolstered by a selection of delightfully ludicrous side activities.

If watching po-faced protagonist Kenshiro mix drinks in a cocktail bar isn’t reason enough to buy this game, then hearing him tell punters they’re already drunk most certainly is.

There’s a real playfulness to Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise, which is exactly as it should be when you’re dealing with such absurdly silly source material.

A ridiculously entertaining game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise is spilling wheel exploding fists of fun.

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