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Trainers are now confirming that Niantic has started to force a new Pokemon Go update on Android and iOS.

This would suggest that the development team are gearing up for a launch of the game’s next major feature.

It appears that the new Pokemon Go update will go live either later today or tomorrow, depending on the timing that Niantic has decided on.

New updates are sometimes released around 9pm in the UK, meaning that we could start seeing news and announcements in a few hours.

There’s also the chance that Niantic will wait until Thursday to launch their next major project for Pokemon Go.

This would be Adventure Sync, the new feature that will allow players to rack up rewards from their pocket.

Adventure Sync was announced last week by Niantic and will allow fans to track their walking distance, even when the app is not open.

Trainers will get to track how much distance they have covered, as well as unlock rewards for their activity.

Adventure Sync will work in the background to tally distance, earn Candy, and hatch Eggs.

That’s some game-changing stuff, especially for those players who aren’t able to access their phones when on the move.

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It’s also been confirmed that push notifications will be used to inform players when their Buddy Pokémon has found a Candy or when an Egg is about to hatch.

This will still provide players a good level control over the game, although it does mean a big update for the game.

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There’s also the chance that this new patch and feature could add some serious bugs to the game.

So fans will need to be vigil when it comes to spotting problems this week.

The new Pokemon Go Adventure Sync feature is going live

The new Pokemon Go Adventure Sync feature is going live (Image: NIANTIC)

Players will also need to agree to new terms and conditions, as the new feature will mean the app acting differently when the new update goes live.

This will include turning on background activity for your Pokemon Go app, which will mean certain data being collected by Niantic.

“Adventure Sync, which is first being implemented in Pokémon GO, gives players the ability to record their steps with just the phone in their pockets,” a message from Niantic explains.

“This key feature unlocks a wide variety of gameplay opportunities on the Niantic Real World Platform, serving as an efficient and phone-friendly high-engagement tool that inspires players to head out into their local communities.

“We’re looking forward to finding new and exciting ways to implement it in our other games in the future.

Adventure Sync will change how Pokemon Go works

Adventure Sync will change how Pokemon Go works (Image: NIANTIC)

“It’s no surprise that Pokémon GO Trainers love to get outside and walk. So far in 2018, Trainers have already walked an astonishing 53 per cent more while playing Pokémon GO than they did in 2017. In a recent international survey of nearly 2,000 Trainers, we found that 70% felt that playing Pokémon GO had motivated them to walk more on average, and 64% said that playing the game motivated them to go outdoors.

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“Additionally, 47% of Trainers indicated that they felt their physical activity level had increased since playing, and the same number felt that playing Pokémon GO helped them connect with others.

“This type of response from the community reinforces our commitment to not only create innovative real-world games, but also to invest in features like Adventure Sync, which provides a gentle but effective motivation loop that encourages people to get outside and be active every day.

“The new gameplay system will sync in the background with iOS HealthKit and Android Google Fit, and give players access to a weekly summary that highlights distance travelled on foot and other stats, including calories, burned or steps counted, if their device makes those available.

“Adventure Sync will give Trainers the option to apply their activity and movement during their morning commutes, strolls about town on lunch or evening jogs back to Pokémon GO for some big rewards.

“While Trainers will be rewarded regularly in Candy found by Buddy Pokémon or Eggs hatching more efficiently, they will also be able to participate in weekly milestones for walking that will reward them for their hard work.”

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