Google Maps Street View users spotted something very odd in a park in the US.

Spotted near the Big Bend campground in Michigan was a young man.

Wearing a checked shirt and jeans, he was drinking something from a can while looking pensively into the distance over the river.

However he managed to pull the perfect prank on Google Maps.

The man duplicated himself three times in a circle by tricking the camera.

In one pose he overlooked the Potomac River, while in another he looks directly at the camera with a very odd look in his eye.

His final pose saw him crouch while grimacing at the camera.

By appearing three times, his prank was certainly a clever one.

With no other people in the area, many may wonder how he pulled off the optical illusion.

It is actually a very easy thing to do when it comes to using the 360-degree camera.

The images on Google Maps are made by taking multiple images that are later stitched together.

This creates a seamless effect to allow users to find directions and addresses.

However it can also cause glitches with moving objects, such as people or cars.

The man in Michigan was hardly the first man to trick the cameras on Google Maps.

A young boy in India found out how to manipulate the Google Maps car when it drove past him on the road.

At first he seemed to be on his phone, oblivious to the camera.

As the car continued down the road, the man kept appearing in shot.

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He managed to get on camera seven times in total by following the camera on the vehicle.

In his final pose, he ran into a house and posed in the doorway with his hands on his head.

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