Christmas holidays are popular with many Britons, but travellers want to be sure they’re heading to the best destination.

New research has revealed the best cities to visit around the world for the ultimate thrifty Christmas.

Flower specialists Bloom&Wild have ranked the cities around the world based on price and festive offerings.

The data was collated from the cost of the average Christmas Day restaurant meal, the cost of 6-foot tree, the cost of a flight or train from Gatwick, the time festivities start with the light switch on and the average snowfall in inches.

The categories were compared and combined to give an overall ranking and therefore revealed as the best Christmas cities.

Helsinki, the capital of Finland was revealed to be the best city to visit at Christmas.

The vibrant seaside city transforms in the winter time and is one of Europe’s cheapest places to dine on 25 December.

Substantial snow usually arrives in Helsinki in time for Christmas – which can rarely be guaranteed in the UK and a Christmas market is held in the city centre.

The data revealed that Helsinki rated the best in overall value to create the most magical Christmas, with the total cost of ranking factors amounting to £302.95; with the light switch on celebrations starting at the 25 November and the average snowfall hitting 26.9 inches.

”Christmas in Helsinki is an intriguing mixture of old and new traditions,” Laura Aalto, CEO of Helsinki Marketing, said.

“The opening of the Christmas Street will officially launch the season at the end of November.

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“In December, the city is full of Christmas markets and school bazaars offering local Christmas treats, Finnish design and handicrafts.

“Christmas in Helsinki is also about relaxing and spending time with your friends and family.

“Good ways to do that is by enjoying one of the magical Christmas concerts in the city or by popping into one of Helsinki’s public saunas.”

The second best city to visit at Christmas might be more surprising – Quebec city in Canada – but it’s actually the best place to be for a white Christmas. It boasts an unrivalled 124 inches of snowfall per year.

Berlin, with its famed Christmas markets, had the best value Christmas lunch at under £40 and came in at number three.

For Britons hoping not to leave the country this year, there’s good news as London came in fourth place.

Oxford Street – the capital’s retail hub for the Christmas shop – is the first city to start the festivities with the light switch having already taken place on 6 November.

Prague in the Czech Republic came in ninth place but was revealed to be the best place to get a 6 foot Christmas tree for less than £10.

Top 10 Christmas Cities

1. Helsinki

2. Quebec City

3. Berlin

4. London

5. Salzburg

6. Copenhagen

7. Edinburgh

8. Montreal

9. Prague

10. Dublin

The best Christmas markets in Europe have been revealed but those hoping to stay on the continent. 

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