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Pokemon Go December Community Day CONTENDERS, date and Christmas event NEWS

Pokemon Go fans are waiting for Niantic to announce its plans for the next Community Day event in December.

With the November Community Day event behind us, Niantic is getting ready to unveil which Pocket Monster will take centre stage during the celebration.

The December Community Day event is expected to take place on the weekend of December 15/16. If it’s anything like past events, it will take place between 10am and 1pm.

Ahead of the official Niantic reveal, Express Online takes a look at some of the December Community Day contenders.

Earlier this year, a Silph Road post correctly claimed that Chikorita would headline the September event and Cyndaquil would be the star of the November event.

Slakoth, Ralts and Trapinch were also tipped to appear, so expect to see one of them make an appearance soon.

You can take a look at the future Community Day contenders in the gallery below…


It’s possible that we’ll see a Gen 4 Pokemon take centre stage soon.

The obvious contenders would be the Sinnoh region starter Pokemon, including Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup.

There’s always the chance that we’ll get some Christmas-themed Pokemon like Delibird, Abomasnow or Stantler.

More likely, however, is that Niantic saves these Pocket Monsters for the inevitable Christmas event.

Last year’s Christmas event saw fans encounter additional water and ice-type Pokemon, as well as special Pikachus wearing Santa hats.

Players were also able to pick up a selection of item bundles from the in-game store.

Winter Boxes contained four Lucky Eggs, two Premium Raid Passes and five Star Pieces. Great Boxes came with two Super Incubators, eight Lucky Eggs, Premium Raid Passes and ten Star Pieces.

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Ultra Boxes, meanwhile, contained six Super Incubators, 16 Lucky Eggs, ten Premium Raid Passes and 20 Star Pieces.

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