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Strictly Come Dancing: Stacey Dooley's body language ‘suppressed natural enthusiasm’

Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton performed a Waltz to Moon River on last night’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Stacey – a BBC Three documentary-maker – had been concerned about the routine earlier in the week.

However, the pair received 32 points from the judges with their dance.

Stacey is a favourite to win Strictly this year – but what did her body language with Kevin last night show?

Stacey had to perform a tricky dance that went against her natural energetic personality, body language expert Judi James told

“Stacey had to bundle up all her natural energy, bounce, acting ability and comedy charisma and leave it on the side of the floor this week to perform what she called a ‘classy’ waltz with Kevin,” Judi said.

“The fact she let out a burp as she said the word ‘classy’ during rehearsals showed how out of character she was going to have to be and even Kevin pulled some anxious-looking faces to camera to show he wasn’t sure how ‘Audrey Hepburn’ she might manage to be on the night.”


Stacey’s torso movement was criticised by the judges after the uncharacteristic dance.

“Trapped like sandwich-filling between a Marge Simpson beehive and some footwork so complex it might have had Fred Astaire frowning in concentration, it was no surprise Stacey’s torso suffered a little from what the judges called ‘not enough flow in her lines,’” said Judi.

The waltz did not match Stacey’s natural personality and she even admitted she struggled as it was “so slow.”

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“This was the week Stacey needed to suppress her natural enthusiasm and come up with something dreamy and elegant instead,” Judi said.

“She did well and she scored all eights from the judges but with Blackpool in her sights it might have been easier to have watched her let rip with one of her more signature, unique ‘Stacey’ routines to put her in a really safe place.”

As they finished their routine, Kevin could be seen hugging Stacey as he whispered an adorable message to the star.

As he pulled Stacey in close he told her: “Well done. Really, really proud of you.”

Kevin then told Stacey to “stay there” as he wanted her to see those in the audience applauding her.

Speaking about the routine, Kevin noted he made it more difficult for the documentary-maker.

“I didn’t just want to make it easy,” he said.

“I wanted to show the judges we were working on proper techniques and you did so well.”

Stacey is currently favourite to win this year’s competition with bookies cutting her odds to lift the Glitterball trophy to just 11/8.

Despite constantly travelling for work, Stacey has reportedly been in a relationship with fitness trainer Sam Tux since 2014. 

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