Hand luggage rules: Make sure your liquids have this or they could be BANNED

Hand luggage rules are in place to keep air travel safe as airlines prohibit dangerous items being taken onboard.

Sharp scissors and knives are not allowed in hand luggage, nor are building tools or sports equipment.

Something else that is regulated are liquids which must be no more than 100ml in volume.

To save money, travellers can choose to take their own 100ml bottle and fill them themselves.

However, Manchester Airport has warned passengers when travelling with their own plastic bottles.

If they do not have the measurements on the bottle, they could be seized by security.

“If you wish to bring your own containers to hold 100ml or less the container must have printed on it the measurement that the container can hold,” the website advises.


It adds: “Travel sets of containers that do not have measurements on them will not be allowed through security.”

They also warned: “Handwritten measurements or stickers are also not acceptable.”

Some bottles may not explicitly state the measurement so may not be allowed through.

Therefore passengers may need to purchase some of their toiletries on the other side of security, sometimes at a much higher price.

The liquid rule when travelling with hand luggage was introduced in 2006 after a thwarted bomb plot.

Liquid explosives were to be used on a number of flights departing London Heathrow, which led to the stricter regulations.

It also cost the industry millions of pounds after thousands of flights were cancelled following the incident.

Some liquids are exempt from the 100ml rule, such as breast milk.

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As long as the baby is present, up to 2000ml can be taken onto a flight provided it is not frozen.

Medications are also able to avoid the 100ml depending on what the drugs are for.

As long as they have a medical prescription, they can be carried into the cabin over 100ml.

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