Strictly Come Dancing 2018 body language expert reveals Katya and Neil ‘running theme’

Last night the last seven Strictly Come Dancing contestants took part in another ballroom showdown.

Joe Sugg and partner Dianne performed a hip-hop inspired dance, while Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton danced the Pasodoble.

However, many viewers had their eyes on two dancers who aren’t currently even competing on the programme.

Katya and Neil Jones are not paired up with celebrities at this stage in the Strictly Come Dancing season.

However, that doesn’t stop them from being the focus of the show for a whole other reason.

Katya was caught kissing her celebrity partner Seann Walsh earlier in the season before the couple was eliminated.

What does a body language expert make of the couples’ behaviour on the show last night?


Body language expert Judi James told “There are two running themes through this series of Strictly.”

She revealed the first one involves the on-going ramifications of Katya and Neil Jones’s drama after her kiss with Seann Walsh.

She said: “Will Katya and Neil appear in the same time-zone in the same spot since the infamous kiss-gate?”

Many have had their eyes on Katya and Neil since the bombshell news of her kiss with her dance parter comedian Seann Walsh hit the headlines – along with some steamy pictures.

The couple appeared closer last week, however, tonight was a different story.

Judi said: “For Katya and Neil, who did seem to be dancing and standing together last week there was a re-boot of the kind of ‘Where’s Wally’ search tonight.

“Neil popped up dancing with AJ on one balcony appearance while his wife was lifted up shoulder high at the other side.”

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Neil was also “standing quite a large space apart from Katya in their second appearance.”

However, Judi also pointed to what she saw as a growing rivalry between two of the judges.

She said: “Why does Bruno insist on invading head judge Shirley’s space every week to the point where she is forced to duck right away to avoid his flailing arms?

“Tonight it was some huge red feathers that he waved all over her. Is this just a running gag or will she finally snap and tell him off?”

Judi also analysed Joe Sugg and Dianne’s body language on tonight’s show?

She said: ““Street Dance was an odd choice for Joe as there’s possibly no one less ‘street’ than this popular and lovely but also but lanky kind of character who could never be described as ‘having attitude’.”

The expert likened the young dancer to Fred Astaire, quite the compliment.

However, the comparison didn’t end there.

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