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Claudia Winkleman hair secret REVEALED: Why the Strictly host likes a heavy fringe

Claudia Winkleman, 46, has appeared on a variety of different TV shows over the last two decades, but her latest gig is co-hosting Strictly Come Dancing with Tess Daly. During her long-spanning career in TV Claudia has established a very distinct look, which involves a deep-coloured tan, thick black eyeliner around both eyes, and one of her most recognised traits, a thick block fringe. The fringe covers the TV host’s entire forehead and her eyes can just be seen peering out underneath. While the hairstyle may not always seem practical, Claudia has a reason for opting for such a statement ‘do.

Revealing what’s really important about her hair, she told Marie Claire: “I like it to look as messy as possible. I don’t want neat. That’s disgusting.

“I like a very heavy fringe, as we know, but that’s also because I’m now 46 and my forehead looks like one of those Shar-Pei dogs.

“I’ve got squirrels up there, toucans, snacks.

“If you ever want a bowl of soup, you can find it under my fringe.

“So year, I want a heavy fringe and for it to be quite messy.”

Claudia went on to reveal how she maintains her “messy” but glossy locks.


Having also appeared in a Head & Shoulders shampoo advert she said: “I’m obsessed by Head & Shoulders, I always have been.

“I gave some to my cousin because Head & Shoulders sweetly sent me some people stop her in the street and ask about her hair.

“I love it, it’s sort of clean, and I like the fact that it comes out as yoghurt.

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“It’s so weird, it’s white, thick, delicious unguents. I washed my hair in it this morning, you know when your hair comes out and it’s properly clean.

“So that’s how I look after my hair, but I don’t do anything else to it.

“Sometimes I’ll put a bit of oil in it, at the ends, and I feel very glamorous doing that. I feel like maybe J-Lo would do that. Know what I mean?”

Just ten years ago the Claudia Winkleman sported a very different look

Snapped arriving for Britain’s Best at London Studios in 2008, Claudia flaunted a fresh-faced look, featuring a much paler complexion.

Instead of the thick black eyeliner we know her for today, she was wearing very little eye make-up – only a small bit of mascara could be seen on her bottom eyelashes.

And her famous block fringe was much longer than it is now, sweeping across her forehead as the wind blew.

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