Viral video shows beautiful ladies begging to have a selfie with Davido as they line up ▷ Nigeria news –

Nigerians have always known popular Nigerian singer, Davido, to be playful. He is the one with the crazy clap backs on social media platforms and the videos of him making fun of his friends.

It is really no surprise to any Nigerian when there is a news about the singer being as playful as we know him to be.

A recent video of the singer being his normal self has gone viral on social media and Nigerians can’t stop talking about it.

Twitter user Tunji Adeleke shared the video which showed the singer playfully telling some fans to stand in line to take selfies with him. In the video, the singer could be seen telling the ladies to line up before they would be allowed to take selfies with him.

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The Twitter user also revealed that the father of two had asked the ladies ‘who’s first’ after they stood in line.

He said: “This DAVIDO is crazy, females walked up to him to take pictures and what not, he said ‘Ok stand in line’ , and had the audacity to ask ‘who is first’ ??? Lmao @iam_Davido.”


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