20 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas That Don’t Include Hand Towels


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1 Dainty Chain Earrings For Everyday Wear

Colette Earrings, maisonmiru.com

$ 29.00

Give the bride-to-be a gift she doesn’t have to share—in the form of chain earrings with crystal studs.

2 An Insanely Cozy Throw Blanket

Stone & Beam Oversized Stripe Brushed Weave Throw Blanket, amazon.com

$ 34.99

What’s a sofa without a cute throw to go with it? This woven yarn blanket will make reading a book or watching Netflix that much more snuggly. 

3 A Geometric Frame for Sentimental Photos

Umbra Prisma 4×6 Picture Frame, amazon.com

$ 15.00

$ 10.67 (29% off)

They’ll have plenty of pics from the big day, so gift a gold frame that’ll make any heartwarming picture the centerpiece of a room.

4 A Soap and Cleaning Set That Smells AMAZING

Caldera Hostess Gift Kit, grove.co

$ 34.99

Cleaning supplies are boring but necessary. This luxe hand and dish soap and countertop spray, however, will have their home smelling like pears in the best possible way. 

5 A Fancy Cutting Board For All the Entertaining They’ll Do

American Atelier Geometric Shaped Marble Cutting Board, amazon.com

$ 24.99

A marble cutting board that’s just as decorative as it is functional (it’s also nonporous for easy cleaning) is basically an essential for any newlywed couple. 

6 A Knife Set to Go With Their Cheese Board

Vinkesso Premium 5-piece Cheese Knives Set, amazon.com

$ 18.99

What could possibly pair better with their new cutting board than a five-piece set of stainless steel cheese knives? 

7 Geode Bookends That’ll Make Any Shelf Look Fancy

8 A Vase Set That Looks Just as Good Without Flowers

Design Ideas Mason 8 Piece Table Vase Set, wayfair.com

$ 15.00

They can fill this eight-piece glass set with their favorite flowers, or simply use the plain bottles for added decoration around their home. 

9 Travel Cubes That Make Packing a Cinch

Calpak 5-Piece Packing Cube Set, nordstrom.com

$ 48.00

If they’re jetsetting to their honeymoon immediately after the wedding, a set of travel cubes will make packing so much less stressful. These are all different sizes and waterproof for extra protection. 

10 A Sophisticated French Press So They Can Get Their Caffeine Fix

Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker, amazon.com

$ 29.98

A stainless steel French press is a gift that keeps on giving, because they can use it over and over again with their favorite kind of coffee. 

11 A Velvet Pillow That’ll Make Their Sofa Look So Inviting

Zipcode Design Carey Pillow Cover, wayfair.com

$ 27.99

A velvet pillowcase will make their home look so luxe with minimal effort. This one comes in 11 different colors so you can match it to other decor. 

12 Super Chic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Ikat Salt & Pepper Shakers, anthropologie.com

$ 18.00

Who knew seasoners could look this stylish? The couple will definitely want to keep these gold-accented shakers on display. 

13 A Recipe Book For Two That’ll Liven Up Their Kitchen

The Newlywed Cookbook, amazon.com

$ 35.00

$ 19.94 (43% off)

If they love spending quality time together by cooking, a book with more than 130 recipes will put their kitchen to good use. 

15 A Luxurious Spa Set For Ultimate Relaxation

The Herbivore Calm Experience Spa Gift Set, knackshops.com

$ 88.00

They both can use a set that contains soothing bath salts, exfoliating body polish, and a cleansing bar; plus, it’ll look chic as hell by their bathtub. 

16 A Decorative Wine Rack For Stylish Storage

Feiren Outdoor Wine Rack, amazon.com

$ 29.99

The newlyweds will have more wine and Champagne than they’ll know what to do with—buy them an elegant gold wine rack to keep them all organized. 

17 Classy Organizational Canisters

Adley Reactive Canister, anthropologie.com

$ 38.00

Their kitchen counters will easily become their favorite part of the house thanks to this blue and white canister set. They can store coffee beans, nuts, and spices—and look pretty at the same time. 

18 A Fancy New Vanity Mirror

simplehuman Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror, amazon.com

$ 199.99

An easy way to make a bathroom feel more elevated? Buy a sleek mirror. This one even senses when your face gets close to it and lights up automatically. 

19 A Modern Cooking Pan They’ll Use Literally All the Time

Deep Cut, greatjonesgoods.com

$ 75.00

Whether they’re aspiring chefs or cooking novices, a pan that’s a hybrid between a deep sauce pan and a skillet will get a LOT of use in their kitchen. 

20 A Lilac-Scented Candle That’ll Make Their Home Smell Heavenly

Aerin Lilac Path Scented Candle, saksfifthavenue.com

$ 70.00

A lit candle can make even the most barren space feel more homey, especially when it features notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, and lilac.

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