Rainbow Six Siege new operators LEAK: Coming next in R6 Year 4?

PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers are getting new Rainbow Six Siege content that will add new operators to the game.

That’s the latest reported news from a series of online leaks that have allegedly provided the first look at the new R6 Year 4 content.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege remains an incredibly popular game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, years after its initial release.

This has been achieved by offering unique gameplay, as well as providing new free content every few months.

Numbers remain sold for the game, meaning that more Rainbow Six Siege content will continue to be delivered by Ubisoft.

It’s been a while since new operators have been launched in-game and it appears we might know already what is being planned next.

According to a leak online two new operators are being released who are members of the Australian SASR.

The new operators are reportedly called Gridlock and Mozzie, with Gridlock being an Attackers and Mozzie a Defender.

This news was posted with new leaked images and reported descriptions of the new operators, with the original poster explaining:

“Gridlock is an attacker and he puts down a red web tracker that when defenders runs into it they get damaged and it makes noise.

“Mozzie is defender, and she puts down a device that when the enemy drones go into it, she can take control of it and use them.”

When asked about the new loadouts for the operators, the leaker replied: “Only thing he mentioned is the web can be punched or shot atm, but it was a work in progress. (sic)

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“They did tease by saying he knows about ops for season 2 and 3 already but doesn’t want to spoil it to the public just yet.  Apparently Year 5 and 6 is pretty much set as well.”

It should be noted that while many believe this leak to be real until Ubisoft confirm what they have planned for R6 Year 4, it will remain unverified.

There’s always the chance that this stuff is being saved for another project, or will be part of content further down the road.

Ubisoft has confirmed that the Year 4 season pass includes eight new operators that will be available throughout the year.

Those who buy the official pass will get the usual seven-day early access to the operators, as well as extra R6 credits and cosmetic items.

Operation Wind Bastion was the final content release for Rainbow Six Siege Year 3, which added two new operators and a map.

This update also included new feature changes for the game, with more expected during Year 4.


  • Beginning with Operation Wind Bastion, we will be implementing a new Area of Effect feature for Kaid and Nomad. This is designed to help new players better understand the area of effect when deploying a gadget. This will only be visible for the Operator placing the gadget.
  • We also recognize that experienced players may not be interested in the visual feedback presented by this change, so players will have the option to disable it in the settings menu.
  • As of right now, this feature will only be available for Kaid and Nomad, and do not currently have plans to add this feature to past Operator’s gadgets.
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  • We currently have two different SSAO techniques to render Ambient Occlusion: SSBC and HBAO+. Lately, our 3D team has been working on replacing the HBAO+ with a improved SSBC+ technique.
  • We have done this because we want to have control on what is rendered on screen. Overall, this will give us greater control over the implementation of graphics options across all platforms, and enables us to increase the overall quality of image rendering across the board.
  • There is no noticeable difference in performance between SSBC+ and HBAO+.

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