Tina Mathias, 40, lost an incredible 12 stone eight pounds on a diet plan. The weight loss revealed a life threatening growth in her womb. She shrank from 23st 3lb and a dress size 28 down to a petite 10st 9lb and a dress size 10 to 12. Tina explains: “In 2011 I came to LighterLife with the hope of getting healthy and to improve my chances of falling pregnant.

“At my heaviest I was 23st and I remember the moment I’d finally had enough. I was due to attend a funeral and went to purchase a new pair of trousers; to my shock I could not fit into a size 22 or 24.

“Giving in and buying the size 28 was a devastating revelation for me and I even broke the zip on those trousers.”

A friend told Tina about LighterLife and she decided to try the scheme.

“I was put on the Total Plan and did Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in a group every week, through simple activities,” she said.

“I was saving nearly £20 per week doing this plan because of not eating takeaways or drinking wine.

“By December I reached my goal weight. By this point I had lost nine stone and was happy to start the second part of my journey, the management phase.”

Tina took up spin classes in 2012 and quit smoking.

However, she soon began to notice chronic back and side pains.

Tina said: “I eventually had a scan which detected an illness.

“If I hadn’t lost weight the growth would’ve kept on enlarging and eventually perforated my bowel and kidney as it was so big.

“After surgery I was told it weighed in at 9lb.”

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Now Tina is a fitness instructor and has gone on to become a spin teacher, passing that exam this year.

She said: “I can now proudly say I run an advanced-spin class at Haverfordwest Leisure centre and without LighterLife I would never have had the confidence to do this.

“I could not be happier with where my LighterLife journey has taken me and if I can do it then anyone can: all it takes is the will to say you deserve better.”

Davina McCall’s weight loss has wowed many. What is her weight loss diet plan and fitness regimen?

For more information visit LighterLife.com.

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