By cooking critters with monster parts, Link can create powerful elixirs that give a boost for a few minutes, just long enough to battle with a monster, climb a mountain, survive in intense temperatures, etc.

When preparing to cook, keep in mind that the number of critters is is most important in determining the duration and effectiveness of the elixir. Some have low-, mid-, and high-level effects, so choose your critters carefully.

Chilly Elixir – Grants a cooling effect, raising your body’s resistance to heat. Crucial for long journeys through the desert.

Electro Elixir – Temporary electricity resistance – Thunderwing Butterfly

Energizing Elixir – Restores your stamina, which is used when performing physical actions such as climbing walls or swimming.

Ingredients Hearts Time Level
4 Restless Cricket
1 Bokoblin Horn
One stamina wheel

Fireproof Elixir – To Prevent Link from catching fire

Hasty Elixir – Grants a haste effect, which boosts your movement speed while running, swimming, or climbing.

Hearty Elixir – Restores you to full health and increases your maximum hearts. The additional hearts are lost as you take damage. – Bladed Rhino Beetle

Ingredients Hearts Time Level
4 Hearty Lizard
1 Bokoblin Horn
Full recovery + 16 temporary hearts N/A N/A

Mighty Elixir – For temporary attack boost – Bladed Rhino Beetle

Sneaky Elixir – For temporary stealth boost – Sneaky River Snail

Ingredients Hearts Time Level
4 Sunset Firefly
1 Bokoblin Fang
09:50 Low

Spicy Elixir – Grants a warming effect, increasing your resistance to cold environments. Very useful when explroing snow covered mountains.  For temporary cold resistance – Sizzlewing Butterfly

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Ingredients Hearts Time Level
4 Warm Darner
1 Bokoblin Horn
11:10 High

Tough Elixir – For a temporary defense boost



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