Ancient Egypt EXPOSED: Classified KGB files reveal SHOCK ‘unexplainable’ pyramid findings


It has long been speculated by conspirators that aliens from thousands of years ago played a massive role in the construction of the pyramids. In Egypt, the focus of attention for most visitors is the awe-inspiring antiquities and the ancient wonders from the past. Amazon Prime’s “The Secret KGB Files” documentary, suggests that, in the 1960s, a team of Soviet investigators discovered a mysterious tomb in Egypt and that something “unexplainable” is beneath the Great Pyramid.

The footage reveals how the KGB found it hard to accept that mythology could have led to advanced alien knowledge.

However, in the documentary, an interview with a former diplomatic courier for the Soviet Union was tracked down by the show’s producers.

The man – who, the narrator claims, is given anonymity as the former Soviet official now works for the Russian mafia – describes how on one occasion he was moving documents between Cairo and Moscow.

The former Soviet Union employee reveals that among the documents was a memo from a high-ranking KGB official.

He claims the document stated: “My agents have secured the notes of one of the scientists working on the Tomb of the Visitor findings.”

Another was an inventory of contents taken from the tomb, labelled “classified top secret”.

It read: “Location of finding, undisclosed.

“Subjects, 15 crates of relics, one patricianly mummified body, one stone sarcophagus, and eight hieroglyphic samples.”

A project scientist who was one of the first to enter the tomb filed this report.

It read: “During inspection of the wall segment we noted an odd sensation, a magnetic repulsive force seemed to be emanating from the rock.

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“We were unable to find any scientific explanation.”

Another memo is from the cryptologist report, which read: “Findings, partial decoded message on tomb wall indicates a prophecy of the return of ancient wing gods.”

The documents made it clear the Kremlin was taking the myth very seriously. One report indicated a military unit was ordered to the site.

A security order of the highest level was in force when the sarcophagus was opened.

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