CES 2019: Everything you want to know from the greatest show in tech


The CES floors are open and the Verge is there


The show floors at CES are now officially open, and crowds of tech enthusiasts are crowding the aisles, looking for what’s new, what’s original and what’s going to bring in the buyers over the next year. And the hits keep coming: IBM has unveiled a 20-qubit quantum computer; LG showed off an astounding rollable 4K display and Sony announced a giant-sized 8K TV.

But wait — there’s more! We’re looking at a beer-holding karaoke speaker, a fitness ring that also authorizes payments, a video kit that turns your phone into a mobile recording studio, and a Google Clips-like camera for YouTubers. There are hundreds of new hardware, software, and gadgets out there on display — some brilliant, some innovative, and some outright weird — and we’re covering them all. CES 2019 is the biggest tech show of the year — and we’ve go the lowdown on everything that’s happening. Take a look — you won’t be disappointed.


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