Pippa Middleton, 35, recently became a mum for the first time and documented her pregnancy journey in her column with Waitrose magazine. The sister of Kate Middleton, 36, is hugely in to her fitness much like the Duchess of Cambrridge, and her physique even had the world in awe when she acted as a bridesmaid for Kate at the Royal Wedding in 2011. And after pictures of Pippa in a bikini on holiday in St Barts emerged last week, the wife of James Matthews only had the nation dying to know her fitness and diet secrets, as she appeared to back to her pre-pregnancy shape. Before her pregnancy, Pippa previously shared her 10-week tone up plan with Waitrose magazine, divulging all of her fitness secrets and sharing her wise words of advice.

The sister of Kate Middleton, 36, has seemingly adapted to motherhood like a natural, as she and husband James were pictured looking at ease with their baby boy during a recent day out.

But all eyes were on Pippa last week when she was pictured on the beach in St Barts in a white bikini just three months after giving birth – and appeared to be back to her pre-pregnancy shape.

Both Pippa and Kate have always remained toned, with the younger sister of the Duchess getting the world talking about her pert behind at the Royal Wedding in 2011 when she was a bridesmaid for her big sister.

But what does Pippa eat to stay so slender?

Although the new mum has never revealed the specific diet she follows, she has said in the past what her meals tend to consist of.

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Pippa tends to incorporate whole-grains into her diet and eats three meals a day – making sure not to skip breakfast.

Typically, her first meal of the day is usually plain yoghurt with chopped fruit and oats and nuts.

Pippa’s exercise regime

Pippa has a regular column with Waitrose magazine and previously shared her 10-week tone up plan with the publication.

She advised a number of exercises that work best for toning up, advising people begin with walking: “Lifestyle changes can make a huge difference to body, mind and soul. Take walking – by this I mean brisk, vigorous walking.

“It could be as simple as planning a regular daily route, using lunchtime to stretch your legs or signing up for an organised walk.

“Walking gives you time to yourself and to really feel the health benefits, regular power walks at a moderate-to-high intensity will give you those wonderful endorphins – invaluable to staying positive and crunching calories.”

She also shared a number of other exercises with readers, including the plank, tricep dips, kneeling push-ups and band curls.

Pippa also focuses on definition and strength work, using elasticated gym bands for at-home workouts.

From deadlifts and seated rows to one-arm pulldowns and the reverse fly, Pippa incorporates a variety of exercises.

Kate’s sister continued: “To build strength, try to include two to three full-body weights sessions to give you shape and definition. If used the right way, weights won’t bulk you out and having more muscle burns more calories, so combating fat.

“But don’t just work the front of the body – strengthening your back will help prevent longer term problems.”

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Pippa also revealed her favourite push-up exercises are a full push-up, a wide-feet push up and an incline push-up.

The Middleton sisters are known to have strong cores, with sister Kate apparently planking everyday to keep her middle strong, and Pippa is just as much of a fan of the move.

The moves she suggests are:

  • Plank with knee drive – pull your left knee to your left elbow before pausing and repeating with the right knee
  • V-sits – Lie on your back with legs extended and arms straight by your sides. In one movement, lift your torso and legs up to bring your body into a ‘V’ shape
  • Reverse crunch – lie face-up on the floor with your knees bent and engage your lower tummy muscles to lift your hips off the ground, gently pushing your feet into the air
  • Side plank crunch – Start in a side plank with your left arm on the floor, elbow under shoulder and feet stacked. Place your right fingertips behind your head. Tighten your abs and draw your right leg towards your left arm.

Pippa also credits HIIT training and flexibility and mobile exercises for keeping her slim and strong.

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