Bible BOMBSHELL: USAF pilot captured 'Noah's Ark REMAINS' during TOP-SECRET Russia mission


The six photos were snapped in 1949 and released under the Freedom of Information Act by University professor Porcher Taylor more than five decades later. They were captured during a USAF aerial reconnaissance mission over the former Turkish and Soviet border during the cold war. In the images, a strange object can be seen poking out the ice, around 15,500ft up Mt Ararat.

The sighting has since been dubbed the “Ararat anomaly” by the CIA, but Christians think it could be remains of Noah’s Ark. 

The vessel is featured in the Bible’s Book of Genesis flood narrative through which God spares Noah, his family, and a remnant of all the world’s animals from a world-engulfing flood.

According to the fourth verse of the eighth chapter, following a flood, Noah’s Ark landed on the “mountains of Ararat”.

Mr Taylor, who had the CIA files declassified in 2006, detailed his finding’s during Amazon Prime’s “Mysteries” series.

He said on the 2009 documentary: “On June 17, 1949, a United States Air Force plane was flying a classified mission parallel to Mt Ararat at 14,000ft.

“During this mission, they captured a photo of a huge anomaly sticking out the ice, and appeared to have symmetrical spots around it.

“They may well just be caves, but it could be something more interesting.”

Mr Taylor revealed back in 2006 that the photos could lead to the answers of biblical magnitude. 

He told “I’ve got new found optimism as far as my continuing push to have the intelligence community declassify some of the more definitive-type imagery.

“I’m calling it my satellite archaeology project.

“I maintain that if it is the remains of something manmade and potentially nautical, then it’s potentially something of biblical proportions.”

However, the Defence Intelligence Agency revealed the anomaly shows “linear facades in the glacial ice underlying more recently accumulated ice and snow”.

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