Eclipse 2019 in USA: Can you see Super Blood Wolf Moon from USA? Time, path of totality


The Super Blood Wolf Moon will be spectacular event to grace our skies this month as it will be bigger than a usual moon. The lunar event will also coincide with a total lunar eclipse, otherwise known as a blood moon. Wolf moons were given their name in Native American culture, when wolves howled outside the villages when they were hungry. 

Lunar eclipses take place when the Moon passes into the shadow of the Earth.This causes the bright white Moon to turn red, which is why it has the nickname Blood Moon.

The Wolf Moon in January is also traditionally known as the Old Moon. 

When is the Super Blood Wolf Moon? 

The magnificent occurrence will start on January 20 at 10.30pm ET (3.30am GMT).

At this time, the Earth’s shadow will start to move over the lunar surface. 

Totality, the point when the sun, moon and Earth are all aligned and Earth’s shadow will cover the whole disk of the moon, will take place at 12.12am ET (5.12am GMT) on January 21. 

Can you see Super Blood Wolf Moon from USA?

The eclipse will be visible in North and South America, as well as in parts of western Europe and Africa. 

People in other parts of Africa, Europe and Asia will only see a partial eclipse.

Lunar eclipses can be in the night sky anywhere on Earth, as long as the sky is clear.

Every country will be different, as some places will see the entire eclipse, but in other areas the Moon will rise or set during the eclipse.

Tyler Nordgren, an astronomer in Ithaca, New York, said: Everyone with a clear sky will have a spectacular view.”

What are the rest of the Full Moon names and dates in 2019?

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Full Wolf Moon – January 21

Full Snow Moon – February 19

Full Worm Moon – March 20

Full Pink Moon – April 19

Full Flower Moon – May 18

Full Strawberry Moon – June 17 

Full Buck Moon – July 16

Full Sturgeon Moon – August 15 

Full Harvest Moon – September 14

Full Hunter’s Moon – October 13 

Full Beaver Moon – November 12 

Full Cold Moon – December 12

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