Google Home upgrade: Your smart speaker is set for a colossal improvement

Google Home is the Mountain View firm’s smart speaker solution that comes in a variety of models.

Each variant of the Google Home is appealing for different reasons.

The Google Home Mini is the cheapest and most affordable version of the speaker and while it offers the same great Assistant functionality as its more premium brothers, it is certainly the weakest of the Home family in terms of sound quality.

The miniature speaker is currently being sold by Currys as part of a tantalising deal.

While the UK outlet is selling the Google Home Mini for its regular retail price of £49, it is offering a discount of £39 if customers purchase two units of the product.

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In addition to the Google Home Mini, the speaker line is also offered in standard and Max versions.

During the debut of the Google Pixel 3 smartphone last year, the American tech giant also announced the Google Home Hub that attempts to deliver the same Assistant functionality but has a screen to display contextual information.

Google regularly updates its Assistant in an effort to make it smarter and more helpful.

At CES 2019, a technology show that takes place in Las Vegas every year, the Mountain View firm outlined its plans for the virtual helper going forward.

The most notable change discussed was a new “Interpreter Mode” that promises to translate speech from foreign languages in real-time.

Google has been demoing the feature at the American show and is branding the function as a way to have conversation with people from other nationalities, even if you are not fluent in their spoken language.

Discussing the new feature, Google said: “Speaking a different language no longer has to be a barrier to having a good conversation.

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“With Interpreter Mode, a new feature rolling out over the next few weeks on Google Home devices and Smart Displays, you can ask the Google Assistant to help you have a conversation in dozens of languages.

“Just say ‘Hey Google, be my French interpreter’ to start Interpreter Mode and get real-time spoken and (on Smart Displays) written translation to aid the conversation.

“We see this technology expanding to more places—it could help you check in at a foreign hotel or help you understand the bus schedule.”

Google stated the feature will arrive on Google Home devices “over the next few weeks”.

Unfortunately, the American tech giant has not yet discussed plans to add the feature to the Google Assistant on smartphones.

This means for the moment “Interpreter Mode” will only be available on smart speakers and smart displays.

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